More controller settings esp for console

Can we please get more options for our settings so we don’t have to pick what functionality we want.
for example. can secondary interact not be tied to weapon swapping? that way i can use my quick swap (all 4 dpad buttons) for my guns and still be able to interact with things as well as use alt fire?

another example would be letting us change quests AND use weapon swapping with the dpad. if youre already using that quick swap weapon it changes quests.

Another setting would be letting us compare weapons in the inventory without having to use the equip button and move it around to compare it like bl1 2 and tps had.

a 4th setting would be letting use swap our action skill for fl4k and the pet attack. (hold for action skill tap for pet attack).

there’s so many more we could use. Please give us at least the first example.

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I manage to get rid of mission selection and ping buttons to make my D-pad for all weapons. My alt weapon mode as R3. Now… I have no melee tied to anything. Ugh…

Really wish they kept the weapon wheel from holding the weapon swap button or something


I don’t think they do it

I just want aim acceleration options.

I use classic layout also, but I really don’t care for the mission select swap. I can just use the menu, this besides the fact I beat the game and don’t even need it anymore.

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I had the same issue. so i removed my ability to secondary interact and weapon swap. so i cant buy all ammo now nor can i bet at the casino