More COS and EPG wanted/needed

The group of friends that I normally game with are really enjoying the (3) Circles of Slaughter and (6) Eridium Proving Grounds. Gearbox needs to keep adding new content for these as time goes by, kind of like Gears of War does with adding new maps.

Would love to see a COS based on Athenas and/or Nekrotafayo.

Bring the final count to like 12-16 or more maps for each game type.

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I would love that as well.

Iā€™m so glad they gave us repeatable things like these. I hope they can fine tune them for better rewards and add more.

I would also love a digipeak in this game as dlc.

I would love any expansion to Athenas for that matter, it is severely lacking compared to the other planets while it is one of the more visually interesting out there.

Bringing in a all new Digistruct Peak would be cool. My only real request is bring back Lootsposions like the BL2 raid bosses. Most notably like the one from taking down the dragons in the Tiny Tina DLC. Where it took you multiple passes to finally pick up everything and sell or keep it.

Athenas was really over looked. Visually it was probably my favorite of the planets. And I hope we will see it greatly expanded on in DLC.

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