More dedicated drops

would it be possible to get some more dedicated drops and also increase the chance of them?
right now it’s kinda inbalanced in different ways

while i have to complete a whole trial to kill one skag of survival (bloodletter) and the annoying phoenix (deathless) with a very low chance of even getting one of the dedicated items, i will get like 3 green monsters, each time i am killing jackbot

it would be cool to spread different drops over more than one enemy and decrease the chance to drop other things so we can really focus on specific items

normally i am not a person that asks for “easier” drops and stuff
but the RNG is just sooooooo hard to “win” in this game
the chance to get the perfect class mod: +skills and 3 secondary rolls is nearly zero when you cant even be sure that you will get this item from the boss
and then for weapons and shields we also got the anointments left…

I agree with you