More Drop Rate Tweaks Coming

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Alright, I’m not trying to complain. I’ve been enjoying the good drop rates, but I just want to know, is there a specific reason they can’t make the drop rates more balanced and well-rounded from the start? Then they wouldn’t have to do this weird stuff like adjust them every week. I feel like they should have had an idea of what “too low” is from BL2. Or am I just crazy?!


How do you really know what is too low? Their idea was to make it rare enough that Legendary items are exactly that, Legendary. Spoken of frequently but rare to see or find. I think it was too rare though, especially on certain dudes.

And I still feel that odds should literally be increased on every kill of the same guy to cut farmers a break. Like the game saying, “ok I get it, you’re really good at killing this enemy. You obviously deserve better chances at it’s legendary items.” Maybe next BL…


i thought the drop rates were always fine. I mean it should be hard to get the best gear in the game. And it really doesnt take long to even get the gear you want with the normal drop rates. Thats just from my experience

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When it comes to getting gear that’s dropped based on a random number generator, your mileage most definitely varies. I’ve had a tough time getting anything orange from Bunker, even during the enhanced drop rate weekend. I did better in TPS, finding my first ever orange in a red chest (Logan’s Gun) AND getting a bonus package to drop just a short while later, but I still haven’t seen anywhere near the number of legendaries other people have in either game.


Same, since day one I’ve found tons of stuff. I remember with my Athena (first character) getting a Zim at lv. 12, Fatale at 15, 3dd1 at 18, and a Reogenator at 25, and that’s just the few I can remember from my first run through normal.

See? You’re then one who stole all my luck! Still don’t have a Zim on my first character (Athena) and she’s just starting UVHM…


I was in a party of four in the mutater arena last night. We played at level nine and the loot was flowing.

One time the chests gave a double legendary grenade award.

Vendor and grinders were also good yesterday as I picked up four legendary’s through them.

The only thing I have not seen an improvement in is the drop rate from eclipse and Eos.

EOS is a scumbag, all I get from him is old legendaries. He dropped me an Invader yesterday, to go along with the Hammer buster, cat o ninetails and whatever else I’ve got from him.

Edit: well this time he dropped nothing, and no glitch weapon

Agree. RNG , especially their usage of it, can mean some people will never see one while others may be showered with them. Some runs I’ve had two pearls and legs pop out of loot midgets, and when they do, they are the same weapons with slightly different stats. Funny part of course, pearls are mostly crap.

Is it really cool for paying customers to get so wildly varying outcomes regardless of skill or desire?

Does it make sense to come up with a fun gun. then guarentee that some will never get to use it? People that paid money for the game?


Yea your right but in my point there’s alot of legendaries and pearl that Iv never seen or have gotten from friends… Like matrixneo42 said it mostly feels like they’re doing it for people who farm for hours on end and get nothing

i actually have had some preatty good drops from eos with my lvl 70 Nisha, he’s dropped me the cheat code, that new Jackob’s shotgun, skullsmasher and a cat’o nine tails

Some things need to be tweaked some back from bl2, bunker, doc mercy, and maybe finally they can fix Bolls glitch so he drops the fastball. Aside from that I still feel some drop rates in TPS are still too low, Redbelly Felicity are ridiculously low, thats my opinion, that farming a boss over 100 times yields nothing, is just crazy. It is random true, but the percentage for a drop to happen is still there. I still feel that blues and purples even are too confined to chests and bosses, even UBAS dont drop much good loot which while moonstones, money is okay at best, Id much rather have some good weaponry not those and maybe a white or green item.

I don’t even bother with bosses any more - I’ve gotten better loot from Grindorius and Vendorius and Lockerius than any other sources. (I’ll farm Iwajira for purples, blues, and moonstones, then back to Concordia for the real loot…)

So far, I can’t really see a difference in the number of legendaries I’m getting - this so-called drop-rate “tweak” must have been exactly that - a “tweak”. Going from 0.001% to 0.002% chance isn’t exactly a “boost” :stuck_out_tongue:

(And yeah, I made those numbers up. Based upon my luck, though, I suspect the real numbers are even lower :wink: )

How about we don’t complain and are just happy for them to be higher lol. That’s how I will take it.

Who doesn’t like getting legendaries? Who doesn’t go “YES” in their head when they get one? I’m extremely happy they are upping them. I’m not able to play TPS nearly as much as BL2 so I don’t have time to farm for hours on end but still want to use the legendaries and have fun with them.

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very cool

Believe it or not, there were actually people who complained that the legendary drop rate in this game was two high from torks and some other sources…

I know…but I think people are just comparing that to BL2 since it was so low. BL2 is what we were used to so when legenadaries were dropping more frequently it was a shock.

I bet if BL2 was like TPS then no one would have said anything ya know?

Yeah I agree. But I was always disappointed with BL2 drop rates, hell I have 2200+ hours in the game and for the first 300 I never saw a single legendary. It was only after I got my second character past level 40 that I finally saw one. :confused:

I really wish some drop lists were made especially for the new legendaries in the dlc. Most only drop far as Ive heard from the dlc boss no other place in it. If we ARE going to respawns in this there should be a list started who drops what, and it should not be just ALL random stuff from whoever.