More free stuff - will be trashed if not claimed

This is another update to the list of guns that I am trying to get rid of. If you want something that’s up here just reply with your GT and I’ll send it as soon as I can. Once it’s been sent, I will like your comment to let you know so that I don’t have to respond to everyone individually.

I broke the list up by weapon type this time. Element is in parenthesis after the name and anointment is listed after that if there is one. I’ll be periodically adding more stuff throughout the day and tomorrow.


  • Sharp Monocle - while terrified gain increased crit dmg CLAIMED
  • Arctic Tamed Stalker - while terrified gain increased damage and fire rate
  • Vicious Lyuda - while terrified deal 50% bonus Cryo dmg CLAIMED
  • Storming Vicious Lyuda (shock) - (Fl4k) after using RA gain +25% Critical dmg for short time


  • Lucian’s Call (corrosive) - on ASE heal for 25% max health, increased with terror CLAIMED
  • Pestilent Faisor (corrosive) - while terrified enemy bullets reflect off of you CLAIMED
  • Nuclear Faisor (radiation) CLAIMED
  • Engulfing Faisor (Cryo) CLAIMED
  • Razrez Sickle - while terrified gain increased crit dmg
  • Storming Sickle (shock) - while terrified gain ammo regen
  • Double Penetrating Potent Laser-Sploder (fire) CLAIMED
  • Burning Promiscuous Alchemist (fire/shock) - on ASE next 2 mags have +50% corrosive dmg CLAIMED
  • Rebel Yell (shock) - on ASE weapon dmg increased 100% for short time CLAIMED
  • Pain is Power (fire) - (Zane) while Barrier active, status effect chance increased 50%
  • Arctic Star Helix (Cryo) CLAIMED
  • Storming The Dictator (shock) - on ASE apply terror to self for 18 seconds CLAIMED
  • Negating The Dictator (Cryo) - on ASE gain 15% life steal for short time CLAIMED
  • Pestilent Vengeful Damned (corrosive) - while terrified gain health regen


  • Hostile Bitch (fire) - melee attacks have 25% chance to apply terror to self CLAIMED
  • Auditing Bitch (Cryo) - on ASEnext 2 mags will have +50% bonus corrosive dmg CLAIMED
  • Stark Westergun (Cryo/corrosive) - on ASE next 2 mags have +50% bonus Cryo dmg CLAIMED
  • Handsome Jackhammer - (Moze) after exiting IB do not consume ammo for 5 seconds
  • Cash-Infused Hyperfocus XZ41 (shock) CLAIMED


  • Packin’ Devastator - (Moze) after reloading, consume terror and create a Cryo nova CLAIMED
  • Gratifying Devils Foursum
  • The Companion (fire) - (Moze) while AB active, deal 20% bonus incendiary dmg CLAIMED
  • The Duc - while terrified deal 50% bonus Cryo dmg CLAIMED


  • The Butcher (corrosive) - on ASE next 2 mags have +50% bonus radiation dmg CLAIMED
  • The Butcher - (Fl4k) after using AC, consume terror and pet gains 50% bonus fire dmg CLAIMED
  • Redundant Phebert
  • Dastardly Nimble Jack
  • Speedloadn’ Hellwalker (fire) - on ASE status effect increased by 75% for short time CLAIMED
  • Casual Flakker - while terrified gain health regen CLAIMED
  • Flakker - while terrified gain increased dmg and fire rate CLAIMED
  • Cocky Flakker CLAIMED
  • Subsidized Fearmonger (Cryo) - after reloading consume terror & create Cryo nova CLAIMED
  • Subsidized Developing Fearmonger (shock) - (Amara) after PG fire terror skulls at target
  • Savvy Fearmonger (Cryo) -while terrified, chance to fire extra projectile - double shot prefix, shoots 8 pellets CLAIMED
  • Speedloadin Hellwalker (fire) - (Fl4k) enemies damaged by RA take +100% dmg for short time


  • Annexed Jericho (radiation) - on ASE apply terror to self for 18 seconds CLAIMED


  • The Transformer - (Moze) when entering and exiting IB create a nova for 13013 dmg CLAIMED
  • Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter - Moze mod CLAIMED
  • Ghast Call - bloody harvest grenade CLAIMED
  • Atom Balm White Elephant (artifact) CLAIMED
  • Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid (artifact) CLAIMED
  • Scream of Terror (bloody harvest shield) CLAIMED
  • Metabolizing Nova Berner (shield)

ill take your stoming dictator please. gt rwv bladerunner

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I’ll take that Corrosive Butcher. Gt- CORBINS MIX

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Roided Ghast Call - bloody harvest grenade (also have a regular Ghast Call)

Can I have this?

o Hired Gun o

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I’m interested in the corrosive faisor. GT is jflake05

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Im interested in the transformer and bloodletter

IGN: Uppercut PRH


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Could I have corrosive lucians call and cocky flakker ?
GT Chrisisadragonn

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i would be intrested in the duc with cryo thanks :slight_smile:

gt : luke9013

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thank you.

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Kaotikords please

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Gamertag is, “Bear Guy Thing” I would love that Negating The Dictator, and or the Double Penetrating Potent Laser-Sploder. I’d like to thank you for the good things you are bringing to the community. Borderlands has been a favorite of mine and to see people doing this is AMAZING. :slight_smile: <3 keep it up

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I’d love the Cryo Dictator :slight_smile:

GT: MegalomaniacHD

Unfortunately someone claimed that right before you did, sorry about that. Let me know if you see anything else.

No worries! Do you know the 3 perks on your elemental proj.?

Sent, and no problem! I like making people happy

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just got em, hyyyped
thanks again

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Yeah its +12.67 luck, +16% Cryo dmg, +29% shock resist. So kinda meh but not bad

Not really what I’m looking for, but thanks anyways!!! :slight_smile:

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if you still have it can i get the:

  • Stark Westergun (Cryo/corrosive) - on ASE next 2 mags have +50% bonus Cryo dmg

Also, is there anything you’re looking for? I’ve been farming Graveward so i have a bunch of stuff i 'll never use.

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That Auditing bitch tho…

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