More gear loadout slots!

Limiting us to 9 loadout slots is a joke …

There´s 25 characters in the game and there are at least 5 different archetypes of characters (melee, ranged, caster, healer, tank…) and all require different gear combinations.
… You need cheap sets for quick games with few shards (capture) and premium ones for long, drawn out games … again different for most types of characters …

… this is already like 10 loadout slots it you want to have all options open at any time …

Now we haven´t even talked about setups specifically tailored for a single character with it´s unique legendary and whatnot … we don´t even have story mode covered where requirements may vary greatly if you wanna play solo.

Clearly limiting it to only 9 loadout slots only causes annoyance by forcing us to swap around all the time (maybe making mistakes or forgetting items in the process) and obviously limits actual choice once character selection is starting.

:disappointed: … why did you make this decision?

This is like Blizzard providing HS players with only 9 deck slots (up until now) because more would be too … “confusing”.

I think Dynemantis proposal with 9 (or something along those lines) slots PER character seems to be the best way to do it in the long run! :wink:

EDIT: As this … rant … suggestion? … makes me sound overly negative, let me hasten to add that I absolutely love this game so far! :kissing_heart: You guys did a great job, but there are still a few … nuisances … that needn´t be there … this is one of them.


I agree with the idea, if not the tone. Each character should have their own 9 loadouts and we should be able to name them, as well as see the stats on the character select.


While I first though multiple ones per character would be a bit over the top, you´re actually right …

Just thinking about a few cases …
Depending on your team composition you might want to run gear that buffs healing received if you have a healer, or life regeneration if you have to do without one.
… many characters can actually be played and specialized in different ways and the gear choice would actually vary depending on it. Maybe you wanna go full tanky some of the time, maybe you have to provide maximum damage depending on the team composition …

If the devs want players to choose their characters and playstyles freely for every match anew, then the gear system should reflect and support that! … I see no harm in allowing a multitude of loadout slots.
If anything it would actually promote tinkering around more and using different items, whereas the current system “forces” you to either run standardized simple loadouts that work ok but not perfect for multiple chars or to muddle around with the loadouts everytime you want to cycle through different characters or modes for a change …

If you can, please make this happen, Gearbox!

you need at least one for each map type, and 3 different ones for story modes really, if you wanna cover all the bases. that’s per character. i wouldnt want to go into a match and have to scroll through 75 different loadouts though so the solution is making them per character. then you only see the ones you want for that character. lots of mobas now have the ability to make different gear pages for each character, don’t think it would be too much of a hassle in the long run but i could see some people getting a little annoyed, but tbh they can just make one per character… oh that’s another option X amount specific to character and X amount that are generic. Honestly I’d also like to see prebuilt loadouts, one per character and map that the devs make and balance which are available (with no gear grind) to everyone from the moment they load up the game.

The more I think about it, I have to agree that your approach with multiple loadouts per character seems to be the best way to handle this.

It would actually promote more tinkering and experimenting around with the gear system and one would assume that the devs would have wanted that, or not?

… I don´t really see a problem with people getting annoyed btw. … if someone does not want to invest more time in the gear system than necessary, he can always just create 1 or 2 sets for his favorite characters and stick with them … not much more effort than it is now.

A few overlapping loadouts seem to be a good idea too … mostly if you happen to select a character that you haven´t equipped yet obviously. (or for those mentioned above)

I´m indifferent on the idea of prebuilt loadouts as I don´t really see much of a need. I enjoyed getting the first pieces of gear and making the best out of them. Maybe a few common packs to get started would be enough? Providing specific prebuilt gear sets for each character and map seem like a lot of (unnecessary) work and it would probably take longer before ones own collection would actually rival those and encourage building own sets. Aside from that you can always spend your shards for buildables if you have none or cheap gear … then you get a lvl advantage that actually can matter more than a few % here and there.

Anyway … that´s not really what this was about in the first place. Either way I support your idea of multiple slots per character and certainly hope that the devs can make it happen! :wink:

We should have as many loadouts as characters. UNLESS during the character selection process you can create a loadout after you select your character!!!

I’d like to see 1 loadout slot per character plus the 9. This would give a good spread of specific item builds and 9 general slots for goofy things.

With only 9 slots its hard to get a good sense of what gear to keep and what gear to toss, on a hero by hero bases. Some gear will work better for some heroes, and some won’t work at all.

We also need better sorting, sorting by multiple categories at once.

Type, then secondary type (bonus), penalty, and finally by activation cost. Having a sort like that would make it super fast to prune gear or duplicates and minor increases.