More Loadouts With New Matchmaking?

I think my biggest gripe with the new matchmaking is I don’t know which mode I’m playing when I queue and can’t have gear loadouts for all of the possible roles I may be put into.

I play 3-4 different characters at a time, which differ for each game mode with some overlaps. I couldn’t possibly use my incursion loadouts for capture as they take way too many shards. I know they probably won’t give us 2 loadouts per character since they’ve gone the route of making them purchasable, but I think it would be pretty sweet. 9 just isn’t enough for me personally.


Very true they need to add at least 6 more imo.
I think 15 will do with this matchmaking. then you can have 3 sets for 5 different chars at all times

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15 sounds good much better than 9, but who needs a maximum number of loadouts, anyway?

I’m afraid some kind of micropayment for more than 9 loadouts will give the answer here :frowning:
My personal guess.

I personally would like it, if for mastering any character (lvl 15 + all 5 challenges) you receive an additional loadout slot. This way it is tedious enough to get one, so that buying them with platinum is in comparison still attractive.


My suggestion was 499 bank slots and 30 gear loud-outs.

Definitely I can’t prep for every mode for 5-7 characters that I play and have the right rarity. Too.