More loot falling outside playable area issues (DLC3)

This is on the Ruiner fight from DLC3. Loot is falling underneath his corpse and you can’t get to it but you can see it on the map:

Ruiner will despawn after a few seconds.

You can also turn off your loot appearing on the map and will never know the difference.

Will wait longer next time but I was there a lot longer than a few seconds and it never despawned. Also, pretending like it isn’t happening by not seeing it is sort of beside the point.

Just killed him again and waited for a long time and it doesn’t “despawn”.

If you FT to a different map, those items should show up in lost loot (provided you’re in cooperation mode).

While that is possible and I am aware of that I have been playing and farming a while so the chances that the LLM wasn’t full already or has those specific items is probably next to nil.

Not really worried about these specific items so much as just pointing out that this is happening again like was happening with Joey and other bosses that were fixed.

Yeah the LLM excuse is not any good. That thing is perpetually full and as I best I can tell it does not prioritize by item score so odds are it is full of the vendor trash I did not pick up on my way to the boss.

Off hand: that machine needs a sell all button on it.

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Only if you don’t empty it once in a while. And yeah, this problem is at least as old as the Warrior in BL2 - I get that. Still, there is a work-around for now (as imperfect as it may be).

Interesting timing as tonight was my first time facing off against Ruiner. I managed to get it down to the last sliver of health under ground and then killed it on the surface before it could get back into position. All the loot arced towards a more central location, so it was well clear of the body. But, completely full inventory…

Yeah, I been farming him for a while and I haven’t seen this happen again outside of that first time so maybe that was a fluke. Most items go into the center.

When you’re farming Lasodactyl you have to be careful to kill it over the cave floor or it’s loot will also drop out of your reach.

Since this continues to be a problem from BL1 to BL3 I just have to assume GBX likes gear to fly off the map and be inaccessible.


Another DLC 3 named with this issue is Pteradomini in the Blastplains.

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provided you still have space in the damn thing and it doesn’t glitch out and stores a lot of vendortrash (happend a lot over the course of my playtime)

though i never leave a legendary on the ground… so that damn machine allways picks up the damn useless cosmetic crap…

but, i can’t think it would be that hard to make an invisible barier where items can’t fly through…

or make the items spawn on the map when it gets flagged as “outside the playable area”

As a programmer this seems like both the best idea, and relatively simple.
You’re already maintaining a 3-D grid of where a player can move, simply always match the loot drop point against that grid and move stuff if it’s outside of that.

Fresh on my mind since I just killed Son of Mothrax in BL2 and his body and all the loot dropped outside the arena. Arg.

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Sometimes your cookie falls on the floor, sometimes bad guys fall in it. Just like real life! Hey, where’s my cookie???

Nope. My cookie never falls on the floor. When you are old like me you know how to guard against cookie mishaps. Besides, you always have the 5 second rule. Where is the GB 5 second rule?

i have no clue how to code :rofl:

but i do see what could be possible if they would try :wink:

seeing the player can’t go through some parts of the map (invisible wall) one would think the same could be done for items :wink: and if not, just relocate them to the map :slight_smile:

lost loot was kind of a lazy fix imho :rofl: seeing how many times this happend in BL2 where loot got stuck. :smiley: why not just update the map so there’s no place to get stuck into haahaha

My cookie hits the floor a dog has it. I don’t move near as fast.

Remember when GBX advertised the lost loot machine so that you’d never lose loot again? How long has that thing been sitting unused in sanctuary for now? Another GBX scam. An advertised release feature that still hasn’t been fixed.