More maps soon?

I love this game but we need dlc soon. Limited pve story mode and 2 pvp maps? Gets real repetitive

Soon. :tm:


I don’t think we need new maps yet, first we need maps to get fixed.
There is a reason coldsnap & echelon are NEVER played (and temple rarely played)


Echelon needs more big crystals. Incursion is the long haul , get your epic gear ready game mode. Need more shards

There will be more multiplayer maps and modes added to the game over time for free. Until then, we must all be patient. Let the devs work on what they’re working on

I would rather say

  • less tiny hallway
  • too laggy for some people

And anyway in my opinion incursion should’ve 2 lanes.

Incursion feels like the maps should have been much larger and have the MOBA norm of multiple lanes and a final objective.

If they releasd some maps I really hope that they learned something for echelon

Tiny hallway, tiny staircase and extremely bad design map for such big characters.

And let’s not ignore the fact that the people defending are tactical screwed by the stairs design and you are only going to shoot others peoples back if you don’t have a smart team.

Hmm I played on all of the maps all the time. I find Echelon a lot more fun than overgrowth. There is nothing wrong with coldsnap. When I play capture, most players pick Temples over Outback.

I hope so because this game really needs more maps. Me and my wife feel almost physical fatique. It’s not about gameplay, as we can always try new characters and tactics etc., but even looking at same old places over and over again gets boring.

We don’t play MOBAs, so we don’t know what standards are there, but just 6 maps for FPS is ridiculous.


I hope so too. I just bought this game but it needs more pvp maps