More Melee Overrides

Started playing Amara again and was looking through her skills when I saw Blitz. It seemed really cool and reminded me of Zero’s Execute and Athena’s Blood Rush which were some really fun skills. Then I realized melee overrides are something missing from all the the other VH’s that would be pretty fun and maybe add in some variety. It would also be nice to see melee override artifacts/anoints.

If they add in more skill tree’s later on, I’d love to see more melee overrides in them for all the classes. Maybe for Moze she could summon a Bear Fist and grapple or stagger enemies. Maybe Fl4k could stun enemies or have their pet damage skills convert to melee.

What kind of melee overrides do you guys think would be fun for the different VH’s?

Edit: I realize now that Fl4k does have a melee override, but it’s Dominance and as is needs a rework. Doesn’t mean that they or Amara couldn’t get an additional skill in a new tree though.