More mimic chest spawns

i watch a series for BL2 being played on the computer, he is farming the forest in Tiny TIna’s DLC for class mods, i go to the forest on the 360 to repeat said farming the same chests, in his videos, he never gets one of the mimic chests, anytime i try to farm the same 3 chests, 75% percent of the time, i get a mimic chest which wont drop the com im looking for

just RNG and it seems to be in your favor, I get the same thing, some runs have no mimics show, some have 1 show, even had a few where 2 would show, as for what they’ve dropped for me at least hasn’t been worth picking up (other then eridium/money)

Mimics never appear if you don’t complete the story mission with the Four Kings to set up the very first forced Mimic appearance a bit later as far as I know.

And I made a test and it does seem that way. If I open all 5 mimic chests I always get at least one actual Mimic. Now I am using a character who just got there (who hasn’t completed the aforementioned mission) and I didn’t get any over three runs so far.

ahh, ok, i didnt know that, thats good to know for future farming, thanks

You can also farm the chests in the “Unassuming Docks” area. I have yet to see a Mimic spawn in this level at all, and I have completed the entire DLC.

There are only 6 chests total, so while there are other areas which may be faster to farm or have more chests, I prefer the Docks because I never have to worry about seeing those annoying Mimics.

the forest is easily the fastest to farm the 3 chests as long as you start your farming as soon as you enter the forest and dont progress the story any further, i checked what BlackHeart said to me, i was doing the farming runs having progressed passed the 4 kings, resest and got a much better result, farming the chests for the new coms also nets you a really good chance at farming the bee shield

edit… so thanks much blackheart