More Money, No Problem - Idea's once you Upgraded Everything

This is Just a Suggestion.

I do not know how many of you actually use your money for anything as soon as your SDU’s and everything else is upgraded?

It is just costing a fortunate to Die at this stage, if and when you die that is.

How about enabling a Cash Bounty Board - With Guaranteed Legendary Loot chest - Similar to the Golden Key Chest on Sanctuary ?

You get 2 Types of Bounties - Anointed, and Normal.

Bounties are only available when you reach Level 50 and complete the campaign.
Score / Weapon Value and perks are based on the amount paid for the bounty.
Bounties can be completed in Mayhem or Normal Mode / TVHM.

or if we like a weapon - or Grenade or Relic or Mod - let us apply a Boost to it to buff all perks on that said weapon etc with 5% every time. - Each boost cost lets say? 3.5M or something like that?

i gamble at moxxxi’s bar

I get that, but I can only stare at a slot machine for so long with the hopes of something good dropping out.

I would rather boost my stuff or go shoot something in the head.

boosting weapons would have to have a cap to avoid breaking all of the game by boosting just pure damage and one shooting everything

i know dying is expensive but look at it this way, the more you die the cheaper it gets

IIRC, BL2 cost for dying was something like 7% of your cash. If you had $99,999,999 it would still take you over 100 deaths to reach 0 because of this. Considering that you should be earning money at a constant rate while playing, this effectively makes it impossible to go broke from dying. You’d have to actively try to go broke actually.

It’s probably the same in BL3.

Yeah of course it would.

so you get 3 Levels of boosting I would say.

1 - 15% boost ( Cost 8M) - Rank 1 - Badass
2 - 25% boost (Cost 12M) - Rank 2 - Killer Elite
3 - 35% boost (Cost 25M) - Rank 3 - SlaughterLord

Yes it was 7% in BL2/TPS. It would take around 231 deaths without picking any cash.
In BL3 the fee is 10% which gives you around 162 deaths, but in BL3 you can have more than $99,999,999.