More nostalgia - The Hidden Basement thread

I remember reading through the Hidden Basement thread not too long after it happened. What a time that must have been. Maybe seeing Vermi spawn the first time in BL2 is close to the same feeling. Anything else in the other games that have come close to it? Not that I’ve seen, but I got burned out on BL2 pretty quickly, and even more quickly on TPS.


Your nostalgia thread made me create this one.


Good stuff!

I heard its possible to glitch through the wall and get a level 68 Rider.

Has anyone actually done this? You cant trust internet pics since its easy to Willowtree one, but a legit max level Scopeless Gearbox Sniper would be a true prize.

@Mr_Sandman Apparently you can use the med kit method to drop through the roof.
I haven’t been able to do it myself as the med kits disappear too quickly but there are vids showing how to do it.

What’s the med kit trick?


Took me ages to find this again.


Oh sweet, I need to try that at some point. I always wondered if you could get a max level Rider…

I’m tryna think of more interesting places you could glitch into with that trick.

I remember doing the medkit glitch at level 50, before knoxx came out. that was always fun, but took a while. I got a few variants of the rider. Makes me want to boot up the OG BL again!

I was pretty thrilled when I managed to find the double rainbow easter egg in BL2 before I’d heard anything about it.

Edit: Neat, I like the new spoiler tags.

Ahh, the hidden basement.
I remember stumbling onto by accident first time around on 360 and then wondering why I couldn’t access it afterwards.
Bought BL1 for PS3 for a couple of quid so I’m replaying it again from the start.

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There are a lot of buildings with red lights over their entrances [and more]. Are these ever accessible? I always wondered if it was possible to enter these by doing specific things/during mission xxx. They’re not like those safes in BL2… No other secret basements? Is there no such thing? WHY THE LIGHTS? So tempting…

Borderlands is an old game, if there’s something we haven’t found I would be amazed :slight_smile:

I just went back to this game, after years.
Figured I’d gotten so good at acquiring legendaries, I should go back and try to up my game on the original. Seriously, I had all of 5 legendary weapons in BL whereas in BL2 I have maximum number of mules filled, and with the Grinder in TPS, I don’t even care.
Three days and I’ve picked up 40+. Love seeing these threads, I’ll grab more gear now. Thanks.

And I thought I knew everything about the game :smile:

jeez that looks like it will take hours on SP…

just as i suspected but worse.

so how do those guys in the video get to pile up all those health packs in a nice neat pile so quickly?!

when i try it they go bouncing all over the place - if i’m lucky 2-3 of them end up where they’re supposed to go.

also i guess they put most of their gear in the bank cuz they have a LOT of free slots…

i always want to do EVERYTHING in a game, but am wondering if in this case it’s worth it - how good are the weapons? eg is the sniper rifle better than this?


No Sniper Rifle comes close to the monster that is the Bessie. The Rider itself is just an Easter Egg gun with very poor firepower, I do believe the stats are among the worst for Sniper Rifles but I am not sure about that.

Dunno about the medkit stacking though, never tried.

If I remember right, in single player, going into your inventory paused the game. So if you dropped all of your medkits together, then went out of your inventory, the all those medkits would be occupying the same space, so they explode out in every direction.

In co-op, the game does not pause when you are in your inventory, so they drop one at a time as you drop them. I think you can bring a split screen mule character in to let you drop the kits neatly, but I forget if this works the way I’m saying. Also, I don’t know how feasible this is on PC.

I do remember farming for different element riders for my Mordy, and with all his sniping/crit upgrades, and a sniper COM, it was viable-ish. Not amazing, but the fire rate was good, and with good aim you could hold your own in most fights.