More of that feedback stuff

I’ll try to keep this concise in hopes you all at gearbox will be able to read and use this. Here are some bullet points from my time on this test.

Weapon cards: there was decent diversity for both playstyle and damage type. Balance is going to need a little more work before launch. Also, an alt ability on all weapons (no matter how silly the alt seems) would help foster a more solid understanding of the right click for new players.

Ability cards: While there was diversity here, there was a little bit less of a selection for playstyles. Cooldown abilities (ones that paired well with adrenaline rush [which was AWESOME!]) were primarily set for area denial (turrets/mines) than damage (meteor). While this would be more for the starting player to learn, going ham with the ability ideas would breed interesting playstyles.

Player models: this one is sort of a ying/yang thing; it looks like you have plans for a customizable player model. This will be really cool and I’d pay to make my player look unique. However, beware color ‘exploitation’ (for lack of a word closer to what I’m looking for). The ability to pay to have your character blend better with the environment is a real danger here. Yes, there are character outlines, but (at least in my case) some players will let those blend and play strictly looking for the actual character.

Player tracking: “wall hacks,” and model outlines are cool. I would like to hear more from the player characters though (such as slightly louder footsteps [as the characters are always running anyways] and breathing [especially for cinders]). I know some people want mini-maps, but I feel that diminishes the audio tracking you’ve worked on and reduces the potency of “wall hack” abilities.

Market/Crates: I know this whole part is kind of subject to a complete gut, but here’s my thoughts based on our interface in the CTT anyways. When viewing crates in inventory, having a text tag that says the rarity of the crate would be very nice. Additionally, the ability to discard crates (for those who don’t want to invest time/money in opening lower rarity ones) would significantly improve the drop experience. Without drop, it feels like a player may as well be stocking up on the ability to open crates before ranked, and just have them auto-open at the end, which brings down the loot hype.

Beating a dead horse on market: A market for purely cosmetic features would be fun (hats, skins, emotes, weird particle effects on projectiles) and if other games are an indicator, is well liked by the existing player base. While conversations with you all at Gearbox seem to resonate the same feeling as the player side, we really don’t want money to provide competitive advantages to players, weather that be the ability to level up faster, or the ability to become more powerful with cash.

While we’re on leveling: RNG for leveling doesn’t seem to foster the same diverse playstyle system that the last week of CTT did. I can think of 2 possible solutions for this, but only the second really leaves the existing crate system viable for late-game players.
1: achievement based leveling; Just like in the original Borderlands, the more you accomplish with a weapon/skill, the more powerful it gets. Crates would still provide the initial drops, but after that players level their guns by playing with them.
2: crates drop category points; instead of dropping specific weapons and ability cards, the crates could drop ability and weapon points. These points could be used to obtain/ upgrade cards specific to their point type.

Player profile (yeah, we saw that during the test, you tease): Badges! seriously, I’m the kind of guy that likes the achievement hunt so much, I actually though about hunting badges on the forums. While I believe K/D tracking is stupid (especially in some of the objective based games that people tend to track them in [ahem CoD players, yeah you have a 5.0 K/D but your team always loses. Be a better teammate]) tracking feats of skill and feats of “umm. I just did what?!?!” is always fun. Win/Loss for ranked and the user’s current character model appearance would be good things to display here as well.

Mostly, I liked the game as-is. It didn’t really fit the standard mold, and I liked that. Happy coding team, I hope we were helpful and look forward to hopefully breaking things again with you soon.

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