More patches, less hotfixes

I just got my power back after 5 days of not having it due to Hurricane Isaias. We had no power and no internet. I have a generator so I have power for some things in my house, namely the kitchen and bedrooms. I was able to play offline on my Xbox during this time, and the only game I could play and enjoy was Borderlands.

But MY GOD, this game is just flat out awful without hotfixes. It’s like a totally different game. Some big issues I had…

  • Why are the Cartel anointments not dropping?
  • Why isn’t EVERYTHING anointed at M10?
  • Why are the ASE elemental anoints STILL at 50%?
  • Why is the Siren’s ASE rad anoint still at 75? That was like 2 patches ago.
  • I play Amara and because the fixes to my action skill were not on anytime I Phasegrasped something my game would lag for, no joke, a full 8 seconds.
  • Oh but the Recursion nerfs are there! Thanks Gearbox for making sure THIS got into the last patch.

My point is that this game just sucks to play offline. All this stuff should have been in the last patch because it predates it.

If Gearbox would patch the game more frequently this stuff wouldn’t be an issue. Sure I’d miss out on the event, that’s fine, but the game should not suck this hard in offline mode.

Also yes I played Borderlands 3 most during the outage only because all my other games I’ve played to death and I wanted to be productive and farm for gear at least. But I could barely do that because the way drops were messed up.


I suspect there is always some time lag between when hotfixes are ready and when they can be included in an update due to the certification process. Some things might well miss the deadline to submit the update but still be ready by the time that actually releases.

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they cant , because pc and console need to be in sync , they need to pay for each patch gonna drop on console , so they wont be dropping it every weeks

I understand this, but some of these fixes were from 2 patches ago. Yet the Recursion nerf is on this patch. None of the timeline makes sense, I shouldn’t be having these issues offline. The only things I should be missing are the events and maybe the vending machine update.

Incorrect, MS and Sony stopped charging for updates a long time ago. I play a game that has a PATCH regularly every 3-4 weeks, and maybe 1 hotfix at a time. Borderlands has like 10-15 hotfixes then a patch. It’s a little ridiculous.

Yes, sadly this is a game where you HAVE to be online to get any real playability out of it.
I do wish they would make a patch to at least have the game useable offline.

But being as how they often bring in old bugs that had been fixed prior in patches, I have no hope for this process at all.

Internally, they have a serious problem with versioning…


I play offline on PC & I can at least say that at Mayhem 4 it’s playable. Since I only started BL3 in June and went in with no plans or knowledge of builds or prior metas, my perception is skewed, and my learning curve is at a different place. I do know Mayhem 10 & my Gamma focused Fl4k are a poor fit, and I enjoy my build so I just won’t play it on a Mayhem Level where it’s not viable.

I unlocked Mayhem with Moze at level 47 playing mostly offline, and will have to experiment with a sweet spot as I work towards level 60 since the DLCs still seem to default back down to 13 at the onset or at add points during the campaign.

what game? 3 4 patch is insane

I agree we have had plenty of patches but none of the things that should be in there are there. Stop nerfing and start making sure your game is playable online and offline. Everything I get on Mayhem 10 should have a anointment. WTF guys get your ■■■■ together.


Dead By Daylight, but what’s insane about a PATCH about once a month???

nothing , i misread . i thought youre saying 3 - 4 patch a month , and that would be pretty insane

I’ve just been looking through the BL3 news section. It’s been weekly hotfixes (with the odd exception) and monthly patches (although not always exactly 4 weeks apart).

I think the question is the expectation that you do Hotfixes A,B,C and then the monthly patch D should have all of the Hotfixes from A,B,C in it. In theory, the day after a patch offline and online should be the same but they are not as best I can tell.


One would think the patch would contain all prior Hot Fixes, but that simply is not how it has played out.
And to make things worse, things that had been fixed in a prior patch somehow make it back into the latest patch.
When I first started playing BL2 , I grew to respect GBX as a dev and it seemed they had things under control.
After the launch of BL3, I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, but then MH2.0 dropped, Randy was asking us if we would like them to actually test things before release, and the reappearing fixed bugs have left me no choice but to see there is some MAJOR internal problems and I seriously do not think they will get a handle on this game.

It saddens me…


I haven’t played them for a very long time, but Call of Duty games have a ridiculous amount of patches, even when they had to pay they would be patched nearly daily early in the games release because of bugs and glitches, mostly glitches lol. From what I gather, it is still pretty much the same these days.
I know it’s a bit different because of the truly competative nature of the Multi Player element, but it would be the same whenever a new dlc came out, patch after patch, they must have spent a fortune on them.

I have wondered about this issue, mainly when I start the game ‘too quickly’ for hotfixes to settle in and notice all my guns have their card damage altered.

Why are hotfixes not actually installed in the game? It’s silly that one would need Internet access to play the game at its fullest when the game’s features that require internet, aka Multiplayer, it’s in the mess we all know.

Just because I don’t think anyone’s pointed it out, but patches require console certification. Hotfixes do not. Certification still requires time.

Incorrect, BL3 has weekly hotfixes, and averages a patch every month or two. That’s seven to nine hotfixes (roughly, on the upper estimate) between patches. Of late, we’ve been seeing patches every month.

@alex21px - they’re installed when the next patch is rolled out. They’re delivered via the Internet between patches so Gearbox don’t have to wait for the next possible actual patch to get the fixes or improvements out.

It’s entirely possible to play the game offline. You lose the hotfixes, and you lose the live events. You’re then playing BL3 as of the last patch, which wasn’t that long ago now.

Gearbox decided to have a hotfix delivery system that requires an Internet connection. They did this for player (and developer) convenience. Not to enforce Internet connectivity on people because they’re mean or something.

Offline to your left, online to the right. Exact same weapon. One of dozens of examples. The Light Show pistol has never received any buff or nerf since DLC3 came up (gladly!), and how many patches ago was that, 2? 3?

I’m aware I can play Borderlands without internet connectivity, but don’t tell me it’s the same game. Hotfixes are not being integrated in the game with the patch that follows it.

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I didn’t say it was the same game?

Then that’s a bug and should be reported.

Shouldn’t it be? Did I pay for an Ultimate Edition that becomes Standard when my connectivity is off? When will this become a problem worth solving? When some streamer loses their Internet, realises the same thing everyone in this topic did and forces Gearbox to do something about it to make them happy again?

Done. But this is a much older problem than just the past couple months. I seriously can’t be the only person to have reported this. And it’s still around.

It has not been monthly patches. We get a full patch once every 2 months at best, usually with a DLC launch. The rest is hotfixes. Having 4 hotfixes before each patch AND not putting all those hotfixes into the next patch is a big problem.

I get you are trying to defend Gearbox because it is your job, but this is just flat out unacceptable. The game is barely functioning in offline mode. The Recursion nerf is there, but the game STILL has serious performance issues offline. It’s poor product management on their end.

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