More pearls then Legends!

Ok, lately I’ve been getting strange luck that’s kind of ******* me off… I’ve been getting a lot More pearls then Legendaries. Normally I would be fine with this but It’s only gen 1 pearls! I keep on getting them when I don’t even want them but when it comes to getting legendaries that I DO want I can never get them. Although I do have every legend I NEED on this character. I’m trying to get stuff for my other character and frankly… it ain’t happening

lol I’m so sick of gen 1 pearls. after killing OMGWTH hundreds of times I just sell them on sight

on the bright side, each of them sells for millions of dollars which is pretty nice

Uhh… Farm the Oranges’ designated boss, I guess? I’m not really sure how to respond.

But they’re not from OMGWTH :frowning:

Tubbies are quite stingy with the gen2 pearls (Bekah, Godfinger, Carnage and Wanderlust).

More a matter of good luck. I’ve been lucky with the Carnage and the Bekah.

In all the 1500+ hours I’ve spent playing this game, I’ve gotten multiple characters to level 72+, and killed Idk how many tubbies, I have NEVER gotten a pearl to drop from a damn one of them… I’ve never seen nor used a Godfinger, a Bekah, or a Wanderlust. (not that I’d want to anyway) I have a Casual Carnage, but I got it in a trade. But regardless, that’s some pretty bad luck imo. And while I’m on the subject, there are still many of the farmable bosses that’ve NEVER dropped their designated drop for me. Whereas there’s others I’ve gotten more times than I can remember. RNGesus really knows how to mess with you!!

Getting a Tubby to drop any pearl is extremely rare on any level under OP8. I’ve seen 4 drop in the entire time since the UVHM2 dlc has been released and I used to try and actively farm for them at 72. Only generation 2 pearl that I found was a Bekah and the other 3 were Avengers. This is over several hundred Tubby kills.

Conversely, I tried OP8 for a week with another character and had 6 or 7 drop from just doing some Dust farming. Only 2 were newer pearls though and both were Godfingers.

Either way they are still a giant pain to farm, IMO. Trying at anything less than OP8 seems futile and is a giant waste of time.

I haven’t really tried farming tubbies for pearls, especially since I haven’t gotten a pearl from one to begin with… I play solo 100% of the time, so getting to OP8 has always been something I accepted I’d never get to. I have one toon at op2, one at op1, six at 72, and multiple others from 30+. Hell I rarely even get LLM to drop anything. I’d say I MIGHT get a legendary out of every 20 LLM I kill. And even then Its garbage 90% of the time. Oh btw, the Avenger is a gen 1 pearl, So tubbies don’t drop those. I’ll eventually get a gen 2 tho, hopefully sooner than later…

Tubbies drop all the Pearls. This is why it’s such a huge pain in the ass to try and get the newer ones. I’ve had 4 or 5 Avengers drop, 2 storms and a Tungunska drop from them.

I’d love it I they only dropped newer Pearls as it would make finding them that much easier. It’s hard enough to get them to drop a pearl in the first place and then when they do it’s only around a 1 in 3 chance of it being a generation 2 pearl. It kinda sucks.

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