More pets would be awesome

i honestly want a stalker and bullymong pet. even a saurian would be awesome! what do you think?


I don’t play flak much, but as a beastmaster, I think you should be able to have a chance to tame any npc that is an animal. It should boost your stats different ways, or lower your stats different ways. There should also be skins that are unique so you can change them around. Maybe later in the game…but I think this would fulfill the “beastmaster” title.

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If we got a stalker or saurian, they would literally be the only pets I use unless they turn out to be garbage compared to the existing pets. That said, I really wish we could individually customize the pet’s colors and skins separately from Fl4k’s, or get them actual new heads but I suppose that would end up cluttering up loot and hogging dev time.

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New pets would be fun, but I want GB to fix the current issues first. Right now the pets are such a pain that if FL4K were more balanced, I’d run without one. But, if they get those pets under control, then I’d like to see a saurian path. Maybe bring back the thresher or stalker.

Ditto on thresher. Name it scrappy, give ol’ Hammerlock heat palpitations. And if that old coot tries to shoot my scrappy…well, airlocks exist for a reason :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

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