More players needed

I know, I know. People are ranting about this alot.

But see, here is the problem. I really love the characters in Battleborn. My gf, not so much due to me going around quoting the characters.
But the low player base in BB makes me feel pushed out. I know there are some other similar games like Smite. But it doesn’t have that GBX comedy that I love. I bought overwatch and thought “hey, it can’t be that far off from BB since they are compared all the time”. BIG MISTAKE. A closer comparison would be Overwatch and CoD.

So, whit this I’ll like to support F2P. F2P is not the best form (and horrible when it’s pay to win) but I would hate BB to become a lost jewel.


Uh… But this is where it starts…
Before she knows it, she too will be unknowingly quoting the characters and questioning where it came from…
Plant the seed, plant the seed! :joy:

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All I see on all my social media is “oh btw I got Overwatch now add me if you like” and I’m like “no, noooo, why didn’t you try Battleborn?”.
I don’t care if people play OW, I’m gonna get it too once it’s significantly cheaper (don’t see the point paying full price for a prettier TF2) but it’s disheartening to see everybody dismiss BB so fast.

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Yeah, I’m waiting for her to start replying “Nooo!” When I say “Atrox, we’re alive!”

I’d support anything that brings in new players.

I’ve enjoyed playing Battleborn but playing on the PS4 I now often spend more time sat in the lobby than I do actually playing the game.

It’s getting to the point where it’s just not worth turning the game on.


I’ve never had more than a few minutes wait time, although that’s for pvp. What modes are you queuing up for where you’re getting those kind of wait times?
Edit: Forgot to mention I’m on ps4, where by most accounts has the largest player base.


Well there’s about 900 people online on PC now. I’m in a queue for Incursion and it’s at about 5 minutes…maybe 10. Yesterday morning it was about 30 minutes with 900 on.

You get somewhere (or it feels like you must be) and someone leaves the queue, only to reappear a minute later…as if they hope they’ll find a quicker queue.

I love Battleborn, but (and I’ve said this before) how many new players are going to stick around with those queues? I have a place cemented in to Battleborn, so I’m sticking with it. Sadly, even I’m waning.

I really feel that, regardless of the player numbers, there’s something wrong with matchmaking.

Let her play around with it. If it only had more customization from the get go it would even be shinier.

This game will be f2p sometime late this year. More than likely.

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I had exactly the same problem last night. It’s a good game and MUCH MORE that TF2 with better graphics. …but queuing for 20min to play for less than 30min? I just don’t have that kind of time.

Gearbox needs to do something fast to get more players. Maybe a free weekend or something and then sell the game at a major discount.

I pre-ordered after the Beta so it would be annoying for people to get it at a huge discount, but right now I just want people to play with. Without a couple thousand players this great game is going to die. A few more days a queuing for more than 10min a game an I’m going to give up on it.

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The correct question is : which support ?

I’m on PS4 and no problem concerning queuing too.


I still think a good solution here is to make a demo where u get the starter characters and a couple PVE missions once people see how much fun this game really is they will buy the full version, if for nothing else just to try out all the characters. They could cap the CR at 10 or 15…destiny did this and that’s what made me buy that game but they would have to let people know that there is a demo somehow.

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A free weekend on Steam would do this just as well, and I wouldn’t think there was any harm in capping free players at 15 in that. It would get pushed on the steam front page and in sign in pop ups.

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I’m also PS4 with no problem finding games and that is at 1-4am through the night when it isn’t even peak hours :slight_smile:


Oo ok I don’t know anything about steam so I didn’t know how that would work. they do need to do something for PC before its to late

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Battleborn currently sells less copies on Steam than Borderlands 2. That’s right, a game that has been out for several years now an went through a few heavily discounted sales attracts more new players than Battleborn. Let’s face it: At the current price Battleborn will not attract any significant number of new players.

Well borderlands 2 is worth every penny. It’s one of those timeless games.