More popularity if released after Overwatch?

I realise they are 2 completely different games with different mechanics etc… Still; Battleborn > Overwatch IMO

For me due to the fact that I live in Australia and can baraly find people to play with, It’s a bummer that the game with more fun and meaningful gameplay can baraly be played here, as any kind of queue takes at least 20 minutes.

I did buy Overwatch and played it non-stop for 2 days. Thats enough for me. Now , I can’t find the motivation in going back in. I feel like I have experienced all the game has to offer other than the useless fluff to unlock.

Thats where Battleborn excells. ALWAYS something you want to do and something you want to unlock for a new favorite character you just started to get the hang of…

Many of my friends feel the same way I do - Overwatch is a getting stale.
If Batteborn had taken advantage of that and released the game after people were over Overwatch, I believe my queue times would be much shorter.

If you want motivation toward Overwatch go to rule 34 ;D

Well, technically his thread is different. He’s talking about the timeline. Still, could fit into another thread pretty easily.
As far as release dates go, no that wouldn’t work.
1, marketing. Blizzard will win. They’re a good company. And they’re loaded. So that’s… That’s life :stuck_out_tongue:
2, a lot of people don’t have time/money for multiple games. I’m one of them. I didn’t get ow because it came out second and I’m a moba fan. A tf knockoff isn’t really my cup of tea. And their humor is pg13, not “I’m going to skull f*** your entire species!” (Imagine isic saying that while smiling). First release gave them an advantage in that regard.
3, hype. First release on a game this good got hype to build, rather than letting it build for ow. Look at it as, say… Cod vs battlefield, before bf got popular, like the bad company era. (Yes, I know it was still pretty popular then, but not in league with cod). If they both released at the same time, cod would Shrek it in sales. But, battlefield being more intense, longer, and just overall more war zone-y, it would get a following. Grow. Build hype. Battleborn coming out first let die hard fans like me get into it, convince my friends to play it, or in my case, buy them a copy and force them to play.
In all reality, they made the smart financial move. Would’ve been better to be a couple months earlier, but they don’t have quite the resources blizzard does, as they’re probably the second wealthiest gaming company. (EA wins from micro transactions/forcing you to pay for online on top of games).

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I really don’t think Gearbox would, or should, change their schedule according to what another studio was doing.


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Is it possible to open a discussion thread by a moderator just to compare or discuss similarities between Overwatch-Battleborn? I really like this comparison but there are lots of those.

Well, techically, yes, of course, but there’s no guarantee that people would use it any more than existing threads.

Even if we pinned it.

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We could of course redirect every post to the Overwatch discussion thread in the games and tech section:

but since so many relate in some way to BB, that might not be ideal either.


Well, do it. Lock every thread about this instantly without a warning and keep locking the future ones, and voila, that can work. Pinning and using capital letters will work, good idea.

Much as I adore moderating, playing overwatch whack-a-mole isn’t that fun. We tend to take things more on a case-by-case basis. There’s no actual harm in people posting about comparisons, even if it is a little frustrating, and where people are bringing new things to the discussion, we’re happy to let new posts happen. Mostly. Within reason.

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That means you’ll keep investing your time more on going between threads by threads, doing more comments, making more warnings, more bans and more lockings, specifically for subjects like this. :pizza:

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Well it would have been smart of them to take it into account. It’s a similar situation in box office, do you think any movie would release on the same weekend or even close to a Star Wars movie when they are near the same genre? (In this case both are shooters).
I think even the director of Avatar(not the airbender) didn’t want the sequel to Avatar releasing near Star Wars.

Battleborn was originally going to be released on 9th February but was then delayed until 3rd May. This was announced back in November 2015:

From what I can tell, Overwatch didn’t announce their release date until March 2016:

So it may be that Blizzard deliberately chose a release date to closely follow that of Battleborn.

Gearbox would have had Battleborn fans up in arms to then announce at that late stage that they were postponing the game until June just so that it arrived after Overwatch had landed.

I hate to break it to you guys but it’s not Blizzards fault, or a result of poor marketing or some botched release date. The simple and unvarnished truth is that the game isn’t good enough to draw a large crowd. Compared to its release date this game has lost like 70-80% of its PC player base and even a massive price drop did not bring in a significant number of new players. I knew that this game would have a hard time competing against other titles but this fast decline is surprising. I thought the game would last at least three months. I now looks like it’ll lose the player numbers to support its multiple queues within two months.

I would really, really enjoy having another conversation about this, but I’m getting old.

I’d say just wait? Games like this ebb and flow, they don’t really remain static. Once people realise what you have, they’ll get bored and they’ll end up looking for another game. I’ve already read on the CS:GO forums that a bunch of people have gone back there. Once this happens more, more people will be ready for a new game.

And some of them will choose Battleborn, which will inflate the community naturally. With that, word of mouth over social networking sites will serve to further inflate our community.

I think we just have to give it time.