More problems in overgrowth

So not only are we currently dealing with the sniping issue in the sentry but now people are backdooering. Benedict and kleese are able to go thru the holes in the mid thralls. They are able to gain access to the sentry witour being noticed until they have done a large amount of damage. If you kill them it’s just rinse and repeat. Hopefully this will be taken care of at some point because of overgrowth it’s becoming a waste of time playing incursion.

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Also melka, isic, orendi, attikis, and pheobe can all backdoor there.

I’ve had this happen to me, ISIC can do it too, but it’s never caused a problem other than being a mild distraction. Keep an eye on the score at the top of the screen, your sentry will call out when he’s being attacked anyway. Benedict and Kleese are squishy and will run before an assassin, ISIC’s only a real threat doing this with his ult. Caldarius can do it after level 5 as well with his vertical jump augment or his ult. We just have to be watchful and vigilant until the appropriate changes are made to fix this problem :frowning:

I totally under stand that we need to watch out for it but we really shouldn’t have to sadly.

And make the map more simple? Given the sheer number of people who can backdoor there I think it’s more likely as an intentional design choice. Basically: Watch your back.

the alert your sentry is under attack and the map will show that off.

if a team cant handle then that is a bad team

honestly i have in the past done a poke here and there but never sat that and tried to kill it. it was more of a poke and flee tacket to annoy the team and split the team up.

So are people content with this style of play? Or is it just me that it seems cheap that you could have one of 6 characters and be able to do this?

A lot more than 6. Already mentioned 7 here, I can confirm Thorn is also able to get in, and I’m almost sure every hero with a push-self-back ability can get in too.

I also didn’t think this was a secret.

thought it was well known to keep an eye out for those brave enough to do a rear attack

Seems like people are finding this acceptable than.