More shards in the Void please

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The Void seems to have fewer shards available; are the areas balanced for availability?

There are some huge crystals on the way to the locked door, but they are in caves off the main path. For a team, this means having at least one or two people scouting ahead of Wolf. Solo it’s a bit of a pain, to say the least, especially since you’ll get a a teleport swarm of valesi when you enter a cave! Same with the area where you protect Wolf while he takes down the door - some of the crystals are quite a way out, so you can’t easily get to them while protecting Wolf. The final area seems to be the least populated with cystals, although there are a bunch located around the perimeter.

So teams need to strategize to get the most shards along the way, but solo players are at a disadvantage for sure. Maybe if the shards around the arena perimeter would respawn after a certain time? But if more is an option, I’ll definitely vote for more!