More slaughter maps!

Today I went back to the dear old slaughter shaft after a long time and I must admit that it’s always a blast to run. The only problem is that it becomes boring, since it’s the only slaughter map that pays in terms of loot…
I think it would be very cost effective for the devs to adjust the loot drop% of the other arenas to be on par with the cov one and create more, at least one for every expansion, with loot coming from the DLC’s pool.
The arenas should include a random mini boss among those already defeated (from the crew challenges etc… Imagine Roadhog or El Dragon jr showing up once in a while…) every few waves to allow dedicated drop farming to a certain degree.
It would be simple to program and would, at least for me, grant a lot of hours of gameplay.


I also love the slaughters, and the proving grounds, and they could be even better if there was some variation in the enemies (like they did with villa ultraviolet, for example). Using that variation to have random minibosses would also be amazing.


They would be even better if we had scaled and true versions like we have with Takedowns.


Yeah why not. Content like slaughter maps are easy to “mess” with, without too much effort.

I went through the Slaughterstar 3000 last night and got a similar amount of loot to what I would expect from the Shaft. Felt good. Sadly I had a Rowan’s Call drop of the map from the giant red mech but I was able to pick it up from the lost loot after.

Best idea I’ve heard lately. A 4-player scaled Proving Grounds? I’m in!


Each DLC should have a themed arena


On my first play through I missed the first 2 completely and did slaughter shaft 3000 after beating game, only after that did I figure out there was more. Tho just like the circle of slaughter in previous games I didn’t find them enjoyable, still only beaten them with one character and skipped them with all other 3.

Hell yea…

They gotta bring back Hyperion Slaughter from Borderlands 2, and put it in DLC1.

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I like the concept of them, but the main thing that has always pissed me off are flying enemies, and enemies being too reluctant to close distance which forces you to chase after them even after they just spawned in.