More Support Battleborn?

So we’ve just found out about 3 more, which brings the total up to 23. There STILL are only 3 Support characters, as far as I can tell (Ambra/Reyna/Miko).

Are we supposed to assume that we will see another Rogue and LLC support character? The other 3 factions are complete at this point…:confused:

I’m quite sure we will.

Oh, glad I’m not the only one wanting more support goodness! The support role is, by far, my favorite but my choices so far are very limited.

Moar support!

No doubt, we need another support and another sniper class to the game. I feel like Battleborn took a little to much on the melee characters and less on the relevant ones. I felt like the ice thingy, how is he called? Kevin? is going to be really unnecessary in terms of what we got to see, which is the Single player and I don’t really know how he is going to feet on the Multiplayer side. I’m not sure about Whisky, he reminds too much of Oscar, and when we get into launch, I want to feel like every character are different from each other and not just by definition. I don’t know… I have to see and play with those characters and base my opinion on that.

At the other hand, Shayne and Aurox are beasts together!!! I feel like Gearbox really shot the spot on the art direction… the characters are looking less square-ish than the first ones and more polished, and I do wish this concept will be in effect for all the new characters to come.

expect a robot owl lady, you heard it here first doods

At this point, I’m not sure we will see another support, at least not healers like Miko and Ambra. We have a direct healer, an indirect healer, and a buff/debuff support. My guess is we’ll either see a buff/cc support, or (extremely unlikely) an AOE healer.

I hear you, some more support characters would be very, very nice. Some ideas for support characters might be someone who can help you get back into the fight faster, maybe they should have some hybrid characters who fill both the roles support and attacker or support and defender. These are just ideas and I don’t expect anything from them so this simply speculation.

Galilea can do some support

BTW. there also was some gear that helps aid you and your teammates.

I always liked the idea of a “martyr” character who sacrifices his own health to protect allies. Sort of a tank/support who transfers a % of damage dealt to an ally to himself, sacrifices his own HP to restore an ally’s HP, and possibly deals more damage/takes less damage the lower his health is. A character that thrives in the “red zone.”

Ambra can actually transfer HP to allies. Look at her character page, it’s the third helix augment. Kinda funny because I thought it’d be a cool idea too, but they already the concept in the game.

They could flesh it out a bit more with another character. Like make it his/her primary mechanic instead od a talent.

I actually have a couple of ideas for Battleborn characters that I’ve put up on if anyone is interested.
Here’s a link
Just copy and paste the link, I have three Battleborn up right now, a supporter, an attacker and a defender. They have their own descriptions, weapons, abilities, talents, and even their own helix trees and augmentation paths.

I would count Kleese as a support as well with both shield and health restoration