More supports please!

I LOVE the game, I was a little disappointed with the quantity of support characters, there seemed to be lots more of other character types but if you love playing support it was a bit lacklustre IMO.
Miko is great only annoyance is the healing beam not locking on properly or it just switching to a minions or another character when they walk past. Or when someone picks Miko and just runs around not healing… the WORST!
Ambra was awesome but the heals felt a bit lacking.
Reyna was fun but really I found her a bit useless until level 4 when she gets some heal with the shield, the level one augment for shields felt like you might as well not have it as it disappears very quickly.
I didn’t get to play Kleese as I hadn’t levelled that much but he looked fun.


Chiming in to say that Kleese is very fun and a great support char.

yeah he looked it just didn’t get to that higher level.

I wouldn’t mind another healer type support, but any new support would be a great addition


In case you didn’t see the news section here the first of the new 5 Battleborn to be released post launch is a healing character based around water abilities. I do like the variety of support characters in this game thus far, as they play quite uniquely. Also I expected to mostly play support characters as that’s often my preferred choice but I really enjoyed a lot of the DPS characters. The only real issue I had is with the melee based characters, as I found it mostly frustrating but want to get in more practice.

Yeah it’ll be good to have another dedicated healer. Hope there are more in future.

Peacekeeper Medic and Sniper? Medic could have a shotgun and a helix augment could be 'rounds can heal allies". Maybe a aoe heal or stat buff? Sniper with a lot of enemy debuffing with its skills?

Iunno I do agree that we so far a have a lot of combat heavy characters that are really poplular in the community. The more the merrier.

The 26th battleborn that is in early stages seems like anoither support character.
Just dont quote me on it.

it’s covered in this article.

That’s a character we don’t have so far. The closest we have to a ranged healer is Reyna’s health helix option. Being able to recover health from a distance could be really useful. They would probably need to be a lot more frail than Miko to balance the convenience though.

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Medic sniper?
dunno i just pulled this out of my *** just now.
4 Bullet Magazine that can heal like Borderlands 2 Maya’s heal bullets?
Tranq shot as a stun or slow?
Med kit spot?
Ult can be whatever
Helix Tree should be divided into More Healing and Self Sustain vs More Stun/Debuff Support and bit of Damage?

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The 1st post launch character Alani sounds like she should be a healer support, but I agree supports are a bit lacking in this game. Maybe it was intended to be that way maybe not who knows.

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I have to say that I found plenty of ‘support’ characters. While Miko and Reyna are the 'vanilla ’ characters of the support, there are those characters that do play a suport role. Deande, Keleese, Oscar MIke, and a few others have moves that support frontline tank players.

I used Deande alot to support my frontline tanks. If i see montana or Galliea be support by Miko or reyna, simply run around the tank, cloak and have clone go after support, which usually makes them run like hell, then i turn my attention to assisting my tank take on the other tank who is now without support.

Using Deande alot and I’ve found I have sometimes take on players 1v1 if I am smart about the engagement, but more often then not, i find that I am playing s support role with her and getting the highest assist count on my team over characters like Miko and Reyna.

Sometimes a support character is someone who can eliminate the other tanks support.

While I enjoyed Miko I wouldn´t mind more alternatives. I didn´t really like Reyna … can´t say anything about Kleese bc. I unlocked him too late to actually try him. Aside from those … that´s pretty much it atm, isn´t it? (as far as major healing and shielding goes)

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Why would you want more support? The cast of characters is 90% support. You have Ambra/Galliea and then you have the other 23 characters that are simply there to support the above two.


Not bad … not bad!
I´ve seen loads of Raths, Phoebes and Mikes that would disagree though.^^