More tactical options

People would focus more on the tactical gameplay if it wouldnt be so easy to wipe the minions/rush to the sentries.

Why dont add the option to make minions better with shards? To summon guards to the sentries? Tocall in some kind of really expensive miniboss the enemy team would have to focus on instead of instant clear a wave of minions?

Maybe the match time could be increased to adjust the complexity of that gameplay.

OT: I remember in World of Warcraft that excellent vanilla Alterac Valley. Could last hours because of tactical choices to call Minibosses, Wolfriders, Airsupport, NPCs that guard chokepoints.

But people wanted it to be dumbed down so the producers removed everything but the main bosses (sentries). Now a match was over by ignoring the enemy group and just rush to the enemy boss and wipe him. Could take only 15-20 minutes at times.

Today people want “vanilla Alterac Valley” back because it is mind numbing just to do the same rush over and over again for honor points.

Its not everyones taste but i think a MOBA community would have more fun with a more complex advande to some (new) maps.

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Well, we do have the large bots and thralls. They clear minion waves and can do some damage in incursion. However, when you level up they can easily be destroyed within seconds. If only there were different levels of large Bots or thralls you can spawn. For example buildables have levels… 1, 2 & 3. If only you can level up the bot or thrall you summon the same way. This way more shards can be spent on buildables and people will definitely have to focus more on the harder bots that have been summoned. This will also stop people from shard hoarding to buy their gear fast, if one team keeps sending these big strong minions over vs people shard hoarding… They will lose or just have a disadvantage