More Tanky / Survivable?

I’ve found playing Gaige and Zero and Axton to be great fun, and am currently enjoying Krieg muchly, since he often takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to play more aggressively. I have never played Salvador, however. Now that I know the game better and see some of the benefits of wielding certain weapons, I see that wielding them together with others might be really synergetic. Just wondering: I realize Sal is considered some to be particularly good in a team, but since I only play solo, is there any consensus on to how he stacks up in terms of tankiness / survivability at later levels? I am currently enjoying abusing RtB on Krieg, which only rarely forces me to make sure there are weak enemies around for FFYL. How does Sal’s Come At Me stack up to that (thinking: not so well?)?

thanks much

Salvadore is hands down the easiest character in the game at later levels.


Tanky, one answer.


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As long as sal has an offhand moxxie weapon or even 2 moxxie weapons (kittyzerker) he’s basically unkillable while gunzerkering

While some folks have attempted a Brawn build on Sal at level 72+ I’m not really aware of many offhand. I’m currently using the Brawn tree on my new Sal in TVHM
( and to tell the truth I sometimes forget about having Come At Me, Bro, as I was so used to having the other two capstone skills. With a Grand Titan class mod I’m doing all right but this is till pretty new to me, despite having Sal as one of my first characters to reach OP8. I intend to stick with it and see if I can make a legit run at a level 72 play thru with the Brawn tree- I’ve a few L. Titan class mods that I’ll actually try out for the first time ever…


Currently exploring that route myself with a new Sal, although I started with points spread across all three trees on the first tier just to get going. I may respec some of those later. So far in NVHM, though, he’s been tanky enough without Moxxi’s help!

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I would say just the opposite: Sal brings very little in a team but works very well alone.

As for being tanky: before UVHM, just invest a bit in Brawn and you’ll almost never go down. In UVHM, Moxxi guns are very useful.

I’m also exploring Brawn Sal at end game: so far OP0 to OP2 is a total cakewalk. OP8 remains to truly test. I will be posting my build in the coming days :slight_smile:


OK good to know, thank you. I haven’t been able to make Hellborn work yet, but I hope so soon.
Seems some people think Brawn isn’t up to snuff, good to know that you think otherwise.
I guess I never really figured out gunzerking all that well, perhaps because I didn’t have gear at the time, maybe I’ll try it again.
Why do people seem to not take “I’m Ready Already”? Isn’t reducing cooldown good?
Another thing I don’t understand well is how much ammo you regenerate when gunzerking. While doing so, I’m too busy to count bullets, but I don’t really notice it much yet. Is it a fixed rate?
And this “Inconceivable” – I see you people like it, but I had always been skeptical: it says it gives “up to” a 50% chance to not use ammo, “depending on how low your health and shields are” – but I don’t see any clarification anywhere (wiki or whatnot). I had guessed that if my health or shield are halfway intact, this isn’t going to proc?
Also not totally sure I understand the “offhand” bonuses. When I’m not gunzerking, I hold the gun in the right hand – right? So when I start gunzerking, I pull out another gun (either the first in the slot, if I was holding the second, or the second, if I was holding the first; or the fourth if I was holding the third, or the third if I was holding the fourth, right?) than that other gun I pull out will be the offhand one? Even if I swap guns while zerking? Sorry, I know I’m dense. Thanks in advance

About all I know is he’s easy. Never used him beyond getting the achievements.

Hellborn/Mania Krieg is pretty much invincible for mobbing.

Sally is the top Raid Boss killer.

It is, but it’s not needed if you have Yippe Ki Yay, Last Longer, and Get Some because YKY & GS both process while you’re gunzerking. So by the time it’s over, it’s ready again. I thought @Chuck80 explained this, but I don’t remember where he did.

Stop by the corner. I’ll help you out.

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Sal is really gear-dependent. He doesn’t get a special power or a turret to help, he gets a second gun…they better be good.

Because it is incompatible with Get Some.
Like @Gulfwulf said, with YKY and last longer, you can get a very long gunzerk that allows you to completely reset your cooldown through Get some, and the 3 seconds of cooldown you get each time it activates is not affected by any cooldown reduction bonus.

Health and shields are taken as a whole and half HP is the mark: If your shield is depleted, you get full bonus. What makes Inconceivable even better is when used in conjunction with Money shot, you will sometimes get what we refer to as “Money shot chains” where you get the last shot bonus 5-10 times in a row. 5so6 has also been known to create that effect, but not as reliably as Inconceivable. It also saves you on ammo and reload times. Simply put: unless you are playing a build where it’s detrimental (like Deputy) there i no reason to skip this skill :slightly_smiling:

When you start gunzerking, you will draw in your left hand the gun associated with the one you are already using in your right. So if you are holding your 1st slot gun, you will draw the 2nd slot gun, if you are holding your 4th slot gun, you will draw your 3rd. At any time, you can swap guns, but they will always try to go back to the original order if they can. So if you are holding gun #2 and start gunzerking, you will draw gun #1 in your left hand, but if you switch to guns #3 and 4 and back to #1 and 2, they will go back to #1 in right hand and #2 in left hand.

Yeah, go have a look at what @lashropa is doing with Sal, it’s pretty entertaining :slight_smile: (it’s also one of the very few Brawn builds that is already out there)

If you want a look at what a more typical Sal build looks like at end game, I suggest you check out @Sljm’s build thread: the absolute quintessence of the Harold build. @Spunky117’s Kittehzerker is a great example of what you can do with a Hoarder setup. And of course, you should also have a look at my very own Deputy Sal build :slight_smile:

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Silly question, but I was looking to see if you had ported your original skills guide?

He hasn’t. Neither has the COM guide been ported. You’re slacking @Chuck80!