More Than 1 Million People Still Play 2012's Borderlands 2 Every Month

Gamespot posted a new article this morning with some interesting things

43 Million copies shipped of the franchise
20 Million were bl2
Over 1 million unique players play bl2 still every month.
Take Two projects better sales for 3 than 2. They did not give projections on numbers however


And I am one of them! Great Game, what’s not to like? More than enough choice for characters and playing style. My 2 favs are Axton & Gaige

IMO BLDS 2 is an ok game very addicting the first few weeks, however, after now reaching lvl 72 UVHM with the option to continue? Eh … no …this is why. I had to either cheat or spend a ridiculous amount of time “farming” weapons in order to move on. It was a COMPLETE distraction away from the story lines. I spent more time “farming” than I did on the entire storyline and DLC’s combined. The “bosses”, mini bosses and chests (let’s not get started on the WORTHLESS gold chest at the time travel hub on Sanctuary) not a one, dropped anything I actually used. They came from “farming” and for completing SIDE missions. Seraph Crystal’s have never dropped in the handsome edition…not that they are worth anything (FLORENTINE is ok I hear, but havent yet experienceddue to the fact that no guardian EVER dropped any seraph Crystal’s in UVHM). My mods (legendary soldier), shields (the Sham, (the Bee is a joke)), grenade (used singulataries and legendaries…didnt make much difference due to style of play) and the Babymaker SMG. All came from farming the Mercenary Day Train.
And of course the DPUH, KERBLASTER, Nuke em and Flakker came from “farming” the torgue machines after running the bar brawl 30+ times then using a gun mule and home paging To keep my tokens. The game in itself has more flaws than the us government. So in conclusion, who cares? the game is a mess and the only reason people play is to farm weapons. The whole storyline and DLC storylines get muddled by the cheats and farming and, yes, I’m sure I’ll play 3 when it goes to free pass, just for curiosities sake. As grandma torque would say…are you even listening?

Not true, but they only drop from certain bosses in UVHM (like Pyro Pete the Invincible).

Also not true. Sure, a lot of those who have (now) level 80 OP10 spend a lot of time farming (and then maybe doing speed kills for the time trials). But there are plenty of other who just start yet another character because they enjoy the levelling process and maybe want to try a different approach.


I spend a ton of time playing characters over after I hit max lvl.

I have never had to cheat just to beat UVHM or use any special exploits.

I do admit however, I LOVE farming also.

Borderlands is just the absolute PERFECT game for me in pretty much every way.

My only gripe on BL3 is they won’t be adding extra characters like BL2 did and I am very disappointed about that. I love playing different styles of play and I will switch around.

And the Bee is a joke? Damn I absolutely LOVE using the bee on my Siren and Commando with the Pimpernel or Sandhawk. I can obliterate everything in the game short of raid bosses using the Bee shield.


“shipped” does that include digital purchases?

Also, for what it’s worth, over the years I’ve bought it on the 360, the PC and the xbox one. So I’m a triple dipper. PC version was probably a sale.

I’ve started 4 or more split screen characters with various people. And countless new characters with people online (and some of those people I convinced to buy the game even just a month ago). And new characters because I feel like it. Also, when I do this, we usually play at least one full play through if not more.

The game has some of the best replay value I’ve ever seen. From playing different classes to different builds and styles within the same class, or playing online vs solo, to what drops you actually get, the game can feel very fresh and fun every time. In addition, your bad ass rank keeps going up and you have this awesome legacy feel that you keep getting better over time.

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Have you considered that maybe you prefer the normal and true vault hunter mode playthrus? I often do. I sometimes play a character to level 50 ish and don’t enter UVHM in order to play at that relaxed difficulty. I do feel like UVHM was better balanced in the Pre Sequel, but I do enjoy UVHM in BL2 as well. Yes I’ve done my share of pure farming, tongue DLC abuse, etc… But I also quite enjoy just running the story and DLC. Sometimes my gear gets obsolete, of course. Or my skill tree needs a reset.