More than a bit disheartened

It wasn’t long after I started that I experienced the bug where my entire bank inventory got wiped out. Having not even reached lvl 50 at that point, it was a big blow at the time because I had intentions to try to run another character, and all the good guns that had brought me through my first run that I was setting aside for that were gone. My ticket had a reply, but nothing ever came of it. When it was all said and done, the ticket was closed and nothing was done.

I kept playing with my Zane though, reached 50 and quickly forgot about my lost loot. I played with my group of friends, when I could, because on my Xbox One X we frequently get shutdowns caused by Borderlands 3. Various updates came and went but it still happens. Less frequently than it did, but it does still happen. I played anyways. Luckily I had friends that would wait for the arduous process of cold booting my xbox and hoping that it wouldn’t die again while I tried to rejoin.

Then the November update took away all those nifty perks I got from maxing out my Guardian Rewards. I kept playing, doing what I could but being a Zane main feeling a little behind the curve. Not horribly, but enough to notice the missing perks. I still managed, I solo’d Wotan fairly early and felt good about it, but by this point most of my friends were gone because this was supposed to be an easy game to pick up and play with my buddies and at every turn there was a new glitch or bug or error and it continually just seemed to get worse ubtul most of the people I play with moved on. I kept at it though.

December rolls around and we get the patch that is supposed to fix the Guardian perks and maybe now I will be able to recharge my shields a bit faster and my action skills a little bit quicker. I had 323 levels in my guardian rewards and the only ones that worked were the 17 that I unlocked after they were broken. Only the patch didn’t work, and I still have 17 points that apply towards the perks, and while they keep telling me that I still get the benefits of my previous selections as I leveled up my guardian rank, it doesn’t really feel that way.

I put a ticket in, went through the process (which was very odd) and finally get told that it will be closed as it has been “elevated” to someone else. Not really sure why it got elevated somewhere else as the ticket was still not fixed, and if there are others who can fix the issue why are they not in the department I submitted my ticket with? If my issue wasn’t fixed, why was it closed? Some sort of internal policy that demands the help desk folks have to keep the open ticket numbers down maybe? Whatever the case, 2K Jim was professional and pleasant but the whole system for that seems to be less than optimal considering nothing has been fixed and I have a nice closed ticket number to remember it by after it got elevated to who knows where.

I had a hard time playing after that, but I popped on every now and then. Finally, checking to see if it has been corrected yet, I logged on. Nothing. Now back during the vault deletion I had gone and made a mule character under a different profile. Figured I would check that out and see if there was any issues with that one. When I log in, it immediately crashes. I have seen others with this issue. Get the game loaded up, go to login, go to the main menu and it just dashboard. On a completely separate account, it developed this problem out of the blue a week ago.


I don’t have it in me to make another ticket that will be “elevated” into nothingness. I am sure the coders and teams are doing their best to make this game better, but I don’t know what other options exist. I wanted to play Borderlands 3 and love it and have this fun familiar universe to tool around in and shoot bad guys in the face and enjoy Torgue’s over-the-top shouting about explosions and hear Tina be an insane person but it is really hard to do that when things keep going wrong.

I stopped pre-ordering games last year after Bethesda did us dirty. It made me re-evaluate who got my money. I was ready to by the Handsome Jack DLC but decided to wait until these issues were corrected, but that doesn’t appear to be happening and quite honestly it seems that each time something gets broken.

So, what should I do? There doesn’t appear to be any other recourse aside from having thrown money at a game and not getting what I have paid for and that doesn’t sit well with me. This isn’t hate, but I don’t know where else I can possibly get heard over this. It has been incredibly disheartening. It isn’t the end of the world, to be frank it isn’t even that big of a deal in the grand scheme, but still I would like something in the way of a fix as I did pay for a product.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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As I understand it, it means that the issue has been passed on to Gearbox developers. 2K Support don’t have any way to track what happens after that, so they close the ticket since there’s no way for them to offer you any updates past that point. Which doesn’t mean that the issue is being ignored; however the first your likely to hear about anything after that is in patch notes.

Sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve had. I also play on Xbox One X. Though I’ve only played online maybe 15 or so times I’ve never had any trouble. I usually play split screen with my 9yr old son.

They will get all the issues in the game fixed, but when that will be is anyone’s guess. If I were you I’d put the game down and check back in every 1-2 months.

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