More than four friends

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Once a year my friends and I get together to play games (on Black Friday), this year I’m hoping to convince them to play Battleborn. But for that we’d need to be able to get a party of 6 or more together to play in a private VS match, does Battleborn (via steam, not that I think it should matter) support this?

I know the campaign missions only do five so I was thinking that 3v3 (or 4v4 depending on how many people show up) would be doable.

Thank you for your time and help.

You can have a versus match from 1v1 up to 5v5.

By the way the campaign doesn’t need 5 players, it also allows 1-4 players.

Yeah that option is viable up to a group of 10… I’m on PS4 and did this last night… You all join group, start private match and then pick your teams, the host choosing the options and the map and then you start…

If you’re on console (especially PS4) I would suggest picking your teams previous and host your own private part chat for each team, as PS Party only allows 8 people, and the in-game chat system completely messes up when a group of ten people have all their mics on… It’s fine when one person talks, but anything over 4 (in a group of ten), destroys your ears…

Let me know what platform you play and I’ll be happy to join up

EDIT - You can have how many you like on each team up to 5vs5

Thank you both,

We’ll mostly be playing in the same room so we won’t need to worry about party chat too much but I was unaware of the PS’s party and in-game chat issues.

Of course the other issue will be that one of my brothers and I have been playing since launch and the rest of my friends probably won’t touch it until November so hopefully they’ll be satisfied with the initial character selection until they play several matches.

Have a great weekend.


They’ll also all have to play the prologue by themselves first. Might be obvious but when I tried to start a match my brother who was new to the game, it wouldn’t let him choose a character until he did it.

Yup I recall that when we had another brother join in, but it looks like you can play the profile in a private MP match (the option is there at least, I’ve not actually tried it yet).

They can only choose a “random” character, not sure out of how many random chooses for a player who hasn’t done the prologue, but I remember when my daughter played it split screen and used her account never having played BB before, she could only choose random and got OM which is the one I wanted anyway lol

Ohhh I didn’t notice that random still worked. Nice.

By the way I was the one that organised that group of 10 you were talking about. :smiley:

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haha, hey dude, yeah you actually was ;), was a fun few games, just a shame about the chat being all screwed up lol

Yeah had to keep making new parties. Annoying as hell. You’d think Sony would have got it right by the fourth playstation.