More than happy to help... If you have a mic

So I just got out of a match with three level 2’s and one level 3. This means that 3 people couldn’t yet equip gear and 1 had just unlocked the ability and likely didn’t fully understand it yet (I didn’t until level 6-7). Team comp is below:

Level 85: Thorn (Me)
Level 2: Oscar Mike
Level 2: Orendi
Level 2: Marquis
Level 3: Rath

Oscar Mike and Orendi confirmed they could hear me by jumping and taunting, Rath and Marquis did not. Obviously we lost the match and I didn’t mind losing, nor did I particularly mind the pairing with low levels. What I did mind was the lack of Mic’s, I noticed them playing CoD style and I wanted to give them some pointers as they disregarded the wave and pushed into enemy territory every time they managed to get someone’s health low and wanted to chase the enemy down.

My point is simple, to get help learning the ins and outs of Battleborn, one should have a mic on. If your team isn’t using their Mic’s after you ask if anyone has one, go ahead and take yours off, it gets uncomfortable to have a mic on that you’re not using, but at least give it a try.

At least try to communicate with your team, especially as a new player. If you don’t get a response that is ok, just try. It helps :slight_smile: