More Traunt Anybody?

I loved the Traunts in BL3. I liked them a lot more than the Calypsos and they were just more entertaining boss battles and had better interactions. So, I would put forward a motion. This motion being that we have more of the Traunts in the future of BL3. I am talking about Mama Traunt, Papa Traunt, Sister Traunts, Cousin Traunts etc etc etc. Perhaps not all as bosses to kill, but I am definitely interested in more Traunt interaction.

Edit: When I say that the Traunt battles were entertaining, I do not mean they were difficult because they were most certainly not. However, they were loads of fun and I would like to see them “revamped” to make them a significant challenge.



I’d love me some more Traunts too, only if they made them waaay harder than they are now. Haunts mechanics are a step in the good direction, the other 2 are just waaay too easy.


Cones on Traunt!

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TRAAUUUUUNNNT Yes I love Traunt by far favorite bosses in the game. Really love Haunt!

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BL3 DLC: Traunta Center

Nope. The Traunt’s were just maliwan heavies on steroids. I prefer my bosses to be unlike regular mobs. Sure the echo calls were amusing but as for the actual fight they seemed lazy. Bit like general knoxx. Good dialog, but just another badass and didn’t feel like a boss. Maybe the predictable bullet sponge mech invincible thing in the maliwan takedown footage could be piloted by a nog who is a traunt. I dunno at least that thing looked different.

I prefer my mobs not to be mini boss runs, but that’s what MM3 COV mobs are. They didn’t get everything right when it comes to balancing what should be most challenging and what shouldn’t. Comedic relief for a not so challenging boss fight is a good trade off once in awhile imo.

I actually thought traunt was challenging in my first playthrough due to me being under levelled and not having anything that did decent shock, Traunt was the first thing that actually killed me. I was expecting something better though after the build up, not just another lazy bullet sponge.


I can see maybe a side boss or something, but I dont want the joke to be overused.

Turd Farming agrees

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Traunt would make a Great SANTA !!!

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Hey, that is a respectable career choice. But in all seriousness, some of the bad attempts at humor need to be toned back. The number of times characters swear because they opened a door is too many.


Only if it comes with a dual element flamethrower-like legendary.

The voice actor that did the Traunts were perfect IMO. I’ve done multiple playthroughs and always laugh at the part on Nekotefayo
“You can’t run Vault Hunter hehehe…I mean…I mean you can BUT I’LL FIND YOU! Hehehehehee”

That line is just so perfect and the way it is spoken.
I mean we have Captain Flynt. Baron Flynt. Zane Flynt.
I don’t see why we can’t have President Traunt or something like that. Or even a “good guy” Traunt. Like Steve Traunt that gives us a side mission. Just more Traunts in general


I don’t think Gearbox would like to hear what people would have to say if they included a “President Traunt” in the game, all politics aside. Especially if, or even if, you have to stuff him with lead…

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Traunt was great with the Echo dialog on the way to the fight… it reminded me of BL1, which was my favorite in the series.


Favorite boss in the game, I also like the heavies the most as enemy types. Heres hoping Traunts family will get a DLC on its own as well :slight_smile: