More unique minions

Was wondering what the community thought about adding more/different minions into incursion matchs. As it stands the only minion we can spawn is the Elite bot. What if we could spawn others? Like those suicide bots. Would that add another layer of strategy to games or just make it overly complex? I love they way incursion matches play now, it does feel more balanced than before the patch, but I still feel like it’s missing something. Thoughts?


I really like this idea. A lot. Building the same minion gets boring. Even if they only do it for future maps, I’d be for it. To add to your rather good idea, it’d be cool outside of having just a single different minion is possibly a minion build station similar to the way turrets work. For example:
Option 1: Standard minion we already have
Option 2: Possibly one of those Ronin bots
Option 3: One of the suicide ones you mentioned

This way you never quite know what’s coming your way.

Feel like it should be a totally new gamemode, an Assault gamemode maybe

2 round : one attack, one defend… The team who scores the more during attack round win
the attackers can spawn different types of minions and defenders can spawns turrets, traps and sniper minions
could take place in maps like the second defense spot of The Renegade.
The attackers have to escort minions to one of the 3 doors to open the fortress and destroy the core.
There could also be captures points inside and outside of the fortress with a bonus when you capture them like shorter spawn delay for defenders or advanced spawn point for attackers

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They clearly have AI for each of the characters given you can play against bots, I’d think it’d be nice to have the elite minion be an AI copy of the character who spawned it just to add another dynamic to each character as to how they perform as a minion. Restrictions obviously applied where needed, but honestly just making them start from level one, giving them their single life, and otherwise leaving their current bot AI alone would be enough. The bots are pretty bad after all so even giving them unrestricted access to do whatever should be fine and cut down on the work, they’d really just have to work in the coding tying the bot to the character that bought them, but that’d also be a way to change how minions behave from character to character throwing in another aspect to each character as to which character brings good bots. Not really thought it through entirely or anything just more or less off the top of my head and the desire to have some measure of uniqueness based on who summons them instead of a vanilla Elite, I also have no idea how the average player fairs against the AI bots which if the consensus is contrary to my own opinion that the AI is terrible it could cause issues I suppose.

This sounds a lot like Strands of the Ancients from WoW