More Weapon Skins

I like to use weapon skins less for being pretty and more so that I can easily identify my weapons when switching through them. I wish there were more color combinations. Some of the metalics are vastly different in color depending on the area you are in because of reflections. I have to use the same blue for both ice element and lightning element. It gets confusing. I want to use orange for fire, but in some environments it looks yellow, which I would want for radiation. Anyway. I can go on for hours. The weapon skins are great for OCD people like me (and many, many other gamers) to use for organizing your weapons and to easily see them better in your hand when you are switching. I thought this was such a powerful tool, and now that I looked at the list, and found out I already have every skin, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t do more with this. Please add more. It can’t take that much time to switch some current ones to a different main color. I could do it on my home computer in less than 5 minutes. There are so many red gun skins and none of some other colors.