Morphing Chubby Varkids?

Can you get a Chubby Varkid to morph in the same manner as normal ones, to up your chance of rare loot?

No, Chubby/Tubby Varkids are stuck like that unfortunately.

aah that’s too bad… Well at least I know there’s hope of seing them. I’ve played mostly on NVHM, but now i did a quest in Caustic Caverns on TVHM and saw 3 of them! No legendary but still exiting :smiley:

That’s quite a lot of Chubbies to encounter! Keep in mind that the Purple Skin and Cracked Sash count as “Legendary” drops unfortunately (which is also the case for most bosses which can drop non-orange stuff).

Me an @anon27689625 had a op8 legendary binder drop last night round 4 of bandit slaughter dome, only mentioning it as thought it was tubby/chubby drop only didn’t realise it was a world drop. Had some weird legendaries drop in Petes bar too while Pl people ie the sham

It is Tubby only, you guys probably killed a Tubby Midget without realizing. They are quite rare.

Ah ok that makes sense, I have never seen one, I was too busy looking for a midget riding a midget goliath or whatever way round they ride, only seen a glimpse of one once before @anon27689625 killed it. Have rules firmly in place now no killing stuff till get a screen shot, :grinning:

Yeah quite happy with it! Did do the Natural Selection Annex this night though. Died, re-entered the arena and saw a Corrosive Bunny randomly on the grass! And then 5 minutes later in the next round I killed a chubby and got a Wiskey Tango Foxtrot!! Not the best shield but still! :smiley:

Definitely visibly more Chubbies in TVHM compared to NVHM !