Mortal Kombat X mobile app help

I’m doing this just for the stupid skins you get. I don’t have a smartphone so I’m using BlueStacks to play the MKX mobile game on my PC.

My problem is that the latest update on the MKX app is screwed up. Every time I win or lose a match I need to close it down because the “Continue” button is missing. If I click where it should be I hear the “bosh” sound it would make if you hit the button, but nothing happens. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app but that made it worse. At least before I could win a match, leave restart the app and I’d still have my progress saved but after reinstalling it, I’m logged out of the wbid and since the geniuses at NRS/WB made it so you can’t use the menu until you finish one fight, I can’t get to the damn menus because continuing isn’t possible with a missing button and restarting the game loses my progress.