Most damage in a game

So after this game happened today it got me wondering what was the most damage others have done in a single game?

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Isn’t this just gonna turn into whats been your highest damage dealt in a match with Toby basically since he is probably the most damaging battleborn?

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If that’s how you wanna look at it sure.

Lol just my thoughts. I am pretty sure that Toby has my highest dam for any of the characters I have played. Pretty sure I have never broke 400 k with him though but I haven’t played him a whole bunch since the latest patch. Now I wanna see how much I could be getting with him…

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Nah you’re probably right though. I think the closest to this 1 I’d ever done was like 290. then this game came and blew all my other games out of the water. I’ve gotten around 250-270 with whiskey orendi bene and marquis, but I don’t see any character putting up the numbers I got today other than Toby.

Jeez dude, mine is only about 300 thousand

lawl it would be Floyder.

He hard carried that game from a damage stand point. Prolly from that stupid shot spam on the minions to. Closest I’ve ever seen to that was 350k on Orendi and I was purposely not trying in that game to see if my friend could hard carry it.

on one hand it looks like the rest of the team was having a tea party at base, but on the other, there is no way to be putting out those type of numbers while harrased, so… im confused

It was a lot of backtracking for me to kill minions and they were constantly sending thralls and giant bots. Our ambra was lost so our gali kept having to retreat out of the lane and poor kelvin got melted. They did come after me a lot but I had stun mines to get out of sticky situations and Reyna had the cleanse to help. Credit to gali and kelvin they did come to my rescue when I got focused by gal/boldur. I had I think it was 146 minions at the end of it all. Was such a frantic game.


I’ve managed to top 300K with Ernest once, but that was a game with a particularly stubborn combo of healers and tanks.

You smoked my top damage dealt.

I feel breaking 200k is usually a pretty high damage dealt game.

400k? Never seen anyone come close.


Unless they changed too much since I last played (pre- AoE Nerf) Marquis still had the most success for highest damage output. Three 2 AoE damaging abilities and A sniper that could still put out devastating damage (not broken, but still really good). I haven’t played much since the introduction of the first Story OP (mainly due to OW comp) but I remember Marquis being able to out parse Toby in everyway

Toby’s primary blows Marquis’ out of the water. And that’s even before you take helix choices like Beam Splitter and Heartpiercer into consideration, which can exponentially increase his primary’s output on those nice compact minion waves.

His Arc Mine does quite a bit more damage than Marquis’ Time Killer bubble and Hoodini (with Windfall) combined. And he can do that for all 10 levels as apposed to Marquis’ 3. And this is even without Toby’s level 9 factored in yet. Add in Toby’s level 4 slow and his legendary and this isn’t even a competition anymore.

Marquis’ Ult is a nice kinetic bomb… once every 80 seconds… and only if you’re at a far enough range. While Toby’s does almost 3000 base damage level 10 unboosted, can crit, and only has a 65 second cooldown. It’s closer to a wash when you take in all the aspects of the Ults, especially compared to the above. But the cooldown and sweet 3x crit modifier on NPCs is more than enough to push it well into Toby’s favor.

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i could never get the hang of landing those snail like projectiles on moving targets, especially since once the other side sees them you’re shield will be down in >1 second and you’ll have around 20 missiles and shadowfire pillars heading your way

Nope. Toby hits harder. Plus when you’re level 7 and hitting 3+ enemies at once, that one rail gun shot is dealing 1200 combined damage. Thats if there is no critical hit sadly.

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