Most dangerous in real life weapon?

So, while i was prancing through the merry lands of Triton Flats, Throwing my Bladed Shooterangs at everything i saw, i was thinking to myself: These are Knives that shoot bullets which explode.
Could any weapon from any game compare in danger to the user to these? Excluding joke weapons like The Midnight Star

Tunguska is basically the easiest way to down yourself. I’d go with that.

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That or the Nukem. If the blast doesn’t get you first, the radiation exposure certainly will.

Easily the norfleet if you’re talking about possible danger to yourself and possibly anything around you. Erratic projectiles.

Also, in real life I imagine they would disintegrate holes or shafts in the ground or any surface.

You do have a good point about the Nukem though. At least it’s trajectory is predictable.

bonus package… nuff said. i have killed my self so many times with that damn grenade

Sky rocket grenade…

The Flakker.

Massive blast radius is nothing compared to the sheer bad design of a gun that, when you reload, flies back at you, shoots you, cuts you face off and explodes.

Did i menting that the shooterang was fire? I didnt, but it now shoots fire.

Gotta say… Absolute Zero… Literally become Mr. Freeze or sub-zero

Ah read the OP wrong… A weapon that’s dangerous to the user to me would be cat O nine tails… 9 beams that randomly bounce in all kinds of direction that’s the WORST!!!

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On the subject of “if this weapon were somehow real” as opposed to “I kill myself with this often so it’s the most dangerous”, I would say the Frostfire… freezing is cute and all in video games, but it’s really pretty lethal.

Regarding other guns, even a small firearm is dangerous if you point it at your feet, much less a rocket launcher, but there is no safe way to discharge the Frostfire without dying by popsiclification.

You know nothing of the terrible design of the fire bladed shooterang. i can accidenaly aim any gun at my feet, but it takes real terrible design to make a gun that shoots, knifes, sets fire to and explodes you when you reload.

Though yea, the frostfire would be pretty deadly to the user.

also, popsilification is a good word. imma steal it

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…but you can dodge the returning Shooterang, where you can’t even fire the Frostfire without freezing.

yes, but when you get a gun are you going to think it will start flying around shooting everything. you cant dodge all the bullets, so your still shot and on fire.

Homing grenade with faulty AI…
Empty Tediore launcher would be scarry IRL
Shotgun with 4 barrels would dislocate anyone’s shoulder.
The Orphan Maker can’t be used at a gun range
The Chulain is a pretty bad deal any way you cut it.
Flakker just screams innocent bystander.
Any gun that auto-aims is scary.
Like mentioned, the shootarang, but also the avenger and all bouncing betties have “bad design” written all over them.

Wanderlust, with its terrible accuracy. There’s a chance you may end up shooting yourself.