Most drops have other character anointments?

After the patch I’ve noticed most gear drop anointments are for characters other than my main (Moze). I’ll try to reset the cache on my PS4, but, has anyone else noticed the same?

Not really.

Me especially when I try to farm for Zane new class mod and all I see is other VH ones. I did suggested they should just remove polluting other VH coms and annointed out. The game is already in critical-rng state. Too much rng in rng within rng.

You are not alone as I see bit more other VH loot I’m not using

:frowning: can we go back to pre-patch lvl 50?

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That’s just the Borderlands tRollNG at work. Just like when you run out of grenades or sniper ammo - it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get nades or sniper ammo from an ammo box once that happens, lol. Same thing for anointments - you will get almost nothing for the character you’re actually using…

For like a month, month and a half, I had the same “issue”. Turned out (for me at least), I got drops randomly with the anoints for the character my friends were playing. And I just figured it out by accident. I went to check my in-game mails, when I saw that my friends are playing with a Fl4k and a Zane character and I got some Beastmaster and Operative anoints on my guns. When only a friend of mine was online and playing with Moze, I had Gunner anointed gun drops. When none of my friends were online, these anoints were significantly lower on drops and got more Siren anointed guns.