Most durable/forgiving VH?

Ok, I do not have the fastest reflexes with arthritis and I have an occasional twitch when I get a sharp pain…but I picked up BL3 on Steam and I am looking forward to play it.

What I am looking for is the the vault hunter that is the most durable at the highest levels, and is the most forgiving with slower reflexes. Would love this character to be decent at farming for gear for other toons I might try to play.

If anyone could link a few builds I could read through I would really appreciate it =)

Either Zane or Amara. Probably Zane because one of his action skills makes you mostly immune to damage. It does however depend on if you are playing with DLC because if you are not, you cannot get the class mod that allows Zane to achieve pretty much permanent lifesteal in which case you might be better off with Amara.

Zane’s barrier only stops projectiles so it’s not so good for mobs getting in your face. I’d go with Amara. She has plenty of health regen skills, The Breaker class mod can also get up to 29% damage reduction and you can pair that with a rough rider shield.

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Thanks guys…I have started with Amara and might try Zane after.

Any recommendations on an Amara build to try that is specifically built for durability?

Go to this link in the forums:

It is a grouping of links covering the various aspects of using Amara.
Very helpful, especially for new Vault Hunters :slight_smile:

Depends on your build. There’s a nifty little augment called deterrence field which pretty much means that you get to bully anything that comes close to you into oblivion.

Deterrence field combined with a shield (anything with low capacity, low recharge delay, and high recharge rate) that has the safe-space bonus is pretty hard to actually hit, if they melee they need to get past the staggers from deterrence field, and once they do they get launched back out of the barrier once they break your shield thanks to the safe-space knockback and if they are ranged the barrier stops the vast majority of that dmg

I’m in a similar boat, and actually started both Zane and Amara characters before finding this thread. Nice to see that bit of synergy.

I wound up choosing Zane to move forward with however, for a few reasons:

Brain Freeze - This is incredibly useful for slowing or stopping charging enemies. Amara’s action skill can do the same thing even better, but for only one enemy, and with a cooldown.

Protection - Both Barrier and Digi-Clone action skills can result in complete, albeit temporary removal of certain threats on a wide scale. When I got overwhelmed playing Amara, I didn’t feel like I had a card to play to “get out of trouble”.

Variety - Seemed to offer the greatest variety of tactics and play styles.

Seein’ Dead - I read about the mod, and have the DLC for later.

In that case you want this link:
Zane Community Guide

I use Barrier and Clone on my Zane as well. When you can equip your clone with what ever weapon you are using, it gets pretty amazing pretty quick.