Most effective builds for mobbing

I decided to play some TPS again and looking for some input/ideas for my characters builds. Since I enjoy killing multiple weaker enemies in quick succession or simultaneously I’m looking for specific builds/ideas. Killing bosses is secondary for me.

So, what’s your opinion in that regard?

Can’t go wrong with Nisha: between fire rate increases and trick shot, clearing a room is fast and easy. You even get a nice little sound after every kill if you spec impatience (which you should)

I suggest a Cryo build (like mine)
It’s light on ammo, works with any kind of gun and gets the most out of both trick shot and Tombstone. Things just melt crazy fast.

Jakobs builds get more DPS, but they’re harder on your fingers, restrict your gun choice and the extra power is irrelevant against mobs. You can do the whole game minus a few bosses with just a Fatale.
Just ADS to the head and even UBAs die in less than 2 seconds.

And if it comes down to bosses, just carry a shock gun in one of your slots and a corrosive Pitchfork and they will be a breeze too.

Just look up “the bitch” thread in the Nisha section. It’s the fastest build I have seen in this game to clear mobs, and I don’t just say that because it’s mine.

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Otherwise, if Nisha’s not your thing, @Derch has a Cryo build with Jack that does about the same. You just swap aim assist for always-on kill skills. Result is the same: you’ll be alone in each room very fast.

Thanks for your input Chuck. I’ll definitely play a CoE Nisha because that’s what I wanted to play right before I stopped playing video games for quite some time. And your guide (took a quick look) convinced me to try that again even though I’m not a fan of ADS on Nisha while in Showdown.

But I want to play all the classes except Athena & Aurelia because I already played the ■■■■ out of them. I rarely played Wilhelm, Claptrap and Jack and that’s why I want to catch up on them. Are there some efficient mobbing builds for them, too?

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Those are 2 fun jack mobbing builds that still handle bosses pretty well


Willy has a tougher time than everyone in all categories. Doing damage quickly with him either relies on constantly painting or keeping up kill skills and hitting crits.

Mobbing with clappy on the other hand is a cake walk, grab a shotgun and moneyshot away or just spam reload a probe and nova ppl to death, or both. At the very least Nova trap will feel the most different mobbing (It even uses the same COM as the shotgun one).

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I wasn’t either, but with this build the experience is kinda weird: things die so fast that sometimes you can’t see anything but a blur as she whirls around jumping from one target to the next… It’s like a rollercoaster: just hold onto the triggers while it moves. When it stops, everything will be dead :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they’re great. You might remember my attempt to combine both of them into one: Mix of Comrade Jack and Darth Timothy?
I’ll probably continue with it since I haven’t had much time to play with it and it was a lot of fun.

The painting part is what concerns me. It felt tedious the last time I played Hubert.

Novas sound good.

OK, I’ll give it a try!

First one will be Karl with a full-laser setup (Absolute Zero, Laser Disker, Maliwan Blaster & Splitter, P. Bulwark, Eddie & Blaster COM). Any advice to optimize my gameplay?