Most efficient duo?

This will be my first post here. Reddit has given me 13 types of cancer including 4 STD’s which I’m uncertain of the transfer method?!

So, I will be starting off as Amara and this is due to never "maining"a siren in any of the other titles. My bud will be duo’ing the story with me but he’s apathetic (yes, he couldn’t care less) towards which character to choose. My question to the community is, “Zane, Fl4k, or Moze??” for this fellow friend of mine. I want the best synergy if most the story will just be us two.

Moze and FL4K both have skills that can buff teammates in co-op. Moze can grant teammates 15% bonus fire damage on all of their shots for 5 seconds after she reloads, and +20% gun damage per stack of drowning in brass. She can also put a turret on her mech for friends to use.

FL4K meanwhile can grant teammates 50% of his own health regen, and he has alot of health regen skills if you spec him out properly. Here is a really good Health Regen build for FL4K, so that he can maximize the health regen he shares with teammates:


+1 vote for Moze. She provides the most team buffs and synergy.

Amara hp regen + fl4k shared hp regen = immortality???

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You can create some weird Duos:

Zane shield ability sharing means that you could theoretically have a double amp Amara, turning them into a literal walking tank.

Or multi-amp.

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I will add that the more complex the character is, the less effective my buddy will be as “Keep it Simple Stupid” applies for sure…

I think that FL4K build I posted above will be good for your friend then. FL4K will be regenerating alot of health so it will be hard for your friend to die, and the pet will do some of the heavy lifting for your friend since I have the highest damage output pet on that build, with several skills that boosts the pets damage as well.

Moze could work to though, a build like this gives her alot of survivability, which will make it hard for your friend to die, but they will also be doing alot of extra damage.

Thanks alot. I’ll forward this build to him.

I’d personally like him to go with Moze due to just assault-type gameplay. He was soldier is previous titles…

Thinking of double Zane. With 2 clones, there is like 4 players on the field, hevily splitting the aggro.

I’m thinking a support-based Zane would pair well with anyone. Either using the Barrier to heal/buff allies while the clone draws aggro or using the Barrier coupled with grenade skills with transfusion nades equipped.