Most efficient way to farm legendary relics, 1 shot Mother of Grogans :)

The 1 shot melee might be a easter egg from the tv show (I know it but I wont spoil it) you can 1 shot her only with melee, but turns out you can do it with face puncher also since it counts as a melee, have fun farming her fast now :slight_smile:


for some reason Graveward still drops more relics for me compared :sweat_smile:

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Graveward is supreme when dropping any legendary, no matter how much gearbox tries to say they’ve heightened drop rates from other mobs

How does one-shotting her work with ties that bind? Does it transfer all that instant overkill to the dragons?

Nice! Good to know ^^ just slap her :sweat_smile:

dragons will take normal damage, she will take melee damage, face puncher = melee damage :slight_smile: