Most embarassing BB pvp moment ever?

What was your most embarrassing BB moment ever?

Mine just happened now where my entire team was picking in incursion. We all did square button to shade in who we were choosing.

I chose a healer with square…

We had a solid pre-comp selected. My mind drifted off and i clicked a few times on the directional pad which took me away from my square choice…and then with like 5 seconds left to pick I press X and to my shock I hear another character’s voice. And just sit there for what felt like the longest 15 BB seconds ever during gear selection

A totally random character destroying my teams comp.

So sad.

Anyways, make me feel better! What was your most embarrassing BB pvp moment ever?


I spent a very long, CAREFUL match on solo advanced Heliophage as Toby, trying to whittle Rendain down to enough health to kill him with the Self Destruct Sequence helix, in a humorous WITNESS ME!! attempt.

You probably already figured out what went wrong, but in case you didn’t:

Killing myself with Self Destruct Sequence caused me to fail the mission, haha…

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One time i missed a burst dash. That was a dark day.


One time as marquis, I missed hitting montana… yeah it was bad


I missed an arrow with Thorn on a mellka while she claw lunged. Sad, sad day…


I don’t know if I can pin down one moment as my most embarrassing but this one always sticks out in my head as cringe worthy;

I had just played a full length game as Reyna using her Lvl. 2 helix which allows plasma pulse to home in on enemies marked by priority target. Best way to use it is to fire it up in the air so it comes back down for crits.

Well I started the next game and picked Reyna again, forgetting I was lvl 1 I marked their Alani in the early mid fight, furiously firing my plasma pulse up in the air while charging at her, confused why nothing was happening. I should think I looked quite unthreatening.


I’ll come up with a better, more specific example, later, but, for now, one of the things I am most embarrassed about overall in my Battleborn PVP career is just the sheer number of times I have died first and provided the enemy team with “First Blood”.

Whiffing a Boldurdash on Temples is probably up there. Pretty quick turnaround from “this fool bouta be knocked off” to “oh ■■■■”.


Was doing quests. Jumped in for a bots battle. Matched up with four <lvl10 players. They voted for a capture map. I picked Phoebe (should have picked a ranged character!). The bots had Montana, Benedict, Reyna, Oscar Mike and Gali. I had 10 kills - others had 1 kill combined. They didn’t go for a single capture point, just died left and right. We lost 500-1000. Alt+F4’ed right after the match. Couldn’t handle the embarrassment (and rage…). First bots battle match lost ever. I will never be the same again. FeelsBadMan.

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Trying to run away from a Gali as Kleese on Overgrowth, do a hover jump from mid Thrall to my ledge and be just an inch too low to make it up. I was hovering there for like 4 seconds trying to get up it but I eventually became Gali food.

I decided to use orendi the same day beatrix got unlocked.

Well i usually nullify in middle of minion wave to get some fire dmg+blind, this time i got silenced mid air by trixi and destryed by minions as i landed in the middle, couldn’t qm them away!!

I did that 3 times!!

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Everything I do in pvp? I’m a pretty embarrassing player all around honestly which is why I have only played maybe 5 times or so. Of which those few times I can’t remember anything I did specifically. Can we jump off map edges in pvp? If so I can guarantee I’ve done that and that would be my top embarrassing moment. I know in story mode jumping backwards off an edge is the main reason I die 80% of the time.

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