Most enjoyable toon for playthrough (arguably)

I have to say after experiencing all four toons, Moze was the most fun character I have played in any Borderlands game. I’m not talking about power/ability-wise, I’m talking fun to listen to. Her voice actress did an amazing job giving her an enthusiastic, snarky, playful nature.
Maya is a close second with Sal and Zane right behind her. Amara I found to be in the same ‘not a good person’ class as Aurelia and Nisha at the bottom of the list. Fl4k is one dark soul, little too creepy for my tastes. The toons in B1 just don’t have the personality development that started up in B2.


I would love to contribute to the conversation… However the game is fairly annoying regarding the character conversations. I’m playing Zane with my wife on Fl4k and am missing out on a lot. The first play through she interacted with everything so we could hear Fl4k… On TVHM it doesn’t matter if her character is at crazy earls vending machine if I interact with something on the bridge we still get Fl4ks response 85% of the time.

It seems I will have to play a reset TVHM solo just to hear Zane, kinda sad the Dev team has such a fascination with the beastmaster… The things I have heard Zane say are much more humorous than Fl4ks.

I am Fl4k with my wife Amara, and 90% was Amara,… Now keep in mind she always tries to rush to click on an NPC before I do. I just like to wonder off and kill stuff.

Can anyone please tell me why people are saying “toon” instead of character or Vault Hunter or VH or literally anything else. Where does “toon” come from?
Also to stay on topic, Flaks pet builds are pretty fun, cant wait until they become effective as well.

I can’t say where 'toon started but I’ve seen it used for years.

I enjoyed Amara’s dialog a lot, she has a dry sense of humor. Moze has been a little dull for me but last night on a repawn she said “Alive again? I can’t afford this!”. That cracked me up!

The first time I heard toon was from people who came from WoW. Before I interacted with people from that game it was always ‘character’…

I figured toon started because of the graphic quality of vanilla WoW

So you never get Fl4ks dialogue when she interacts with stuff?

Freakin multi Kill…Yeah!

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Moze is boooooooring. The character is nice, but her dialogue… erk.

So far, from best to worse dialogue :

  • Zane : Honnestly awesome : We really feel the old operative that take some vacation hunting vault and accidentaly get to like his comrades on the way
  • Fl4k : They really nailed the “robot yet human” kind of thing. His dialogue aren’t for everyone, but they’re veyr original
  • Moze : Kinda boring, but the voice actress did a great job, and the character have some flair
  • Amara : Puke. She’s not only boring, she’s annoying. Love the gameplay, love the art, HATE how she was written

Rarely ever did. I kept hoping he would talk more, but Amara kept popping up. Funny part is, I am the host of the game and she joins me but it is almost always her dialog.

“toon” as in cartoon because cartoons and video games are both animated and characters from cartoons are called toons. Most people, especially on the internet, like to shorten everything to as few syllables as possible, so character (3 syllables), is easier to relay as toon (1 syllable).

This is also why we have “lol”, “afk” and many other abbreviations/acronyms.

Zane made a Happy Gilmore referrence on Eden-6.

“I can lay down by the bay, make things out clay, I just may, what do ya say?”

I get a part of the appeal in spoken language, but if you are looking at shorter words to say the same thing “VH” is an in-game word that does the same. And the entire connection between cartoons and video games seems kinda dumb, I read about it a bit on wiki and it apparently comes from a game where characters were indeed called toons, that might also be the name of the game or smtn.
All in all just weird that its toon and not vh :confused:

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Gotta disagree here. I think Zane has the most entertaining personality by a loooooooooooooooong shot

toon is just a generic shortened word for character in any game. I see plenty of Borderlands fans use VH on the forums also, but both are used interchangeably. Not really that big of a deal. Toon isn’t an offensive term so whatevs.

Anyway, sorry to everyone else for steering the thread off course!

I like FL4K’s dialogue the best because the dark humor is hilarious and it usually takes me a second to wrap my head around what they just said. Everyone else’s dialogue is very straightforward and mostly uninteresting IMO.

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Hahaha, you have the patience of a stone! If this helps him out I’m 48 years old and I have always called my video game toons ‘toons’ since Dragon’s Lair (it was a cartoon at the video arcades for you young folks, probly have no idea what a video arcade is either). I didn’t really think anybody would actually take issue with it. All video game characters are toons but not all video game characters are Vault Hunters so ‘VH’ can jump off a cliff .

I see, maybe the issue isn’t with Fl4k but the fact I always host as well then…

I just assumed it was centered around him because it sparkly matter what character I play, half the gear in earls vending machine is his. Additionally the leg class mods that have dropped on the console in our house have been 50% his, with Zane and mouse getting the fewest. Just really seems skewed towards him here.

‘Char’ works just as well in this regard…

All anointed gear I get is always for Amara or a general use one. I find a few for my Fl4k but not as much as I would like to. All RNG.