Most hated BiA review I've ever seen

(Currahee) #1

So I’m just strolling through Youtube like any other normal person would do until I find this video that gave a review about Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30.

I thought, “Huh, I’ll give it a try and listen to some good reviews”. Instead, this guy who called himself a reviewer gave Brothers in Arms a bad name. He goes on saying how the series was a disaster and how horrible the three games actually are. So I guess he doesn’t like FPS shooter that much.

Apparently, this guy have the reputation of hating every games that he ever reviewed (except for Destiny or something like that).

In my mind, I’m going, “HOW DARE HE INSULT THE GAME THAT IS BETTER THAN COD AND MOH?!!” I mean, this guy cannot give a proper reviews! It seems like he’s making a excuse for everything just because the gameplay doesn’t suit him. There is another Youtuber out there who also gave a review about Brothers in Arms and doesn’t like it, but that guy made some really solid point and how the gameplay should’ve been better. That’s how a reviewer should do.

So like any other normal person, I was going to let this dumbass so-called “reviewer” and his hateful review slide until I scroll into the comments section and found him encouraging people not to play the game whatsoever since “it’s one of the worse game in the market”.

Holy hell! Can’t you actually let people give the game a shot instead of implying your ■■■■■■■■ comment at people who never heard nor played the game before? He does this also in Hell’s Highway (he didn’t do a review about Earned in Blood because he apparently thought EiB is a DLC pack of RTH30).

So, like a fateful fan I was, I took this up against him and had an argument with the guy. He believed he’s right and pretty much failed to make any valid points but what the hell, people listen to him since “he’s the guy that made the video for the people entertainment and that people should listen to him for opinion”.

Here’s a link

I’m done ranting for now and should find my stash of snickers before I get too angry. What do you guys think of this?

Edit: he does made some few solid points

(I ❤️ History) #2

Haters gonna hate.

(Thijsvansteenwi) #3

Haha, DWTerminator, I’ve seen his reviews before.
I think he really hates videogames in general. Don’t take it too personally.