Most hated enemies throughout the BL series

This was probably a topic before and it’s cool to be locked if it was, I’m too lazy to look it up but - what’s your most hated enemy in each BL game? Mine:

BL1 - guardians
BL2 - rats
TPS - the homing flying kamikazee drones from the dlc
BL3 - tinks
Tales - quick time events


I can only contribute to bl2 and 3, but:

Bl2: rabid stalkers

Bl3: anointed


BL1 - Shirtless Badasses w/ Launchers or Bonehead or the Kamekazi Cl4ptr4ps in Robolution.

BL2 - Rabid Stalkers are bad, but Angelic Loaders with those Lasers…, Better yet, the Skeleton Mages that constantly teleport like Night Crawler and hit us with shock blasts.

TPS - The Rocket Enthusiasts always surprise me, but the Ascended are the ones who always give me the business if I am not quick.

BL3 - Anointed Militants.


Bl2 : scavengers, ultimate badass skeletons, ultimate badass surveyors.

TPS : ultimate badass claptraps, viruses and bugs in the lv9 mutator arena

Bl3 : freaking tubby rakks in cistern of slaughter round 4 and 5, anointed militants, anointed tinks ( teleporting size changing weirdos, ugh…)


Def seconding the tubby rakks. Cant even grasp those mofos.

BL1: Rocket launcher badasses

BL2: Rabid Stalkers and Scavengers

TPS: The game as I just couldn’t get into it

BL3: Bulletsponge health pools. The enemies aren’t hard just way too much health. I guess if I have to pick one I’ll say militants with car doors as I call hack that blocks everything

In TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest DLC, there is a shock based skeleton (“Enchanted Skeleton”) that sometimes shows up that makes those Mages look like cream puffs… they’re like rabid versions of the skeletons.

These are the worst because they’re boring… like they specifically interrupt the combat with their immune phases.


never played 1

bl2 stalkers were annoying but easy, threshers though were much harder
bl pre sequel … none bothered me though I guess shuggrugh were kind of pointless and anoying the badasses bandits that ride the kraggon for me are the hardest enemies but I like them all the same
borderlands 3 badass hardened tinks sheilds tons of armor and health all in one package. Baddass bandits with rocket launchers are pretty annoying as well.

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Bl1- craw maggots. The rest? All equally annoying :rofl:


Barrels! Oh! And immunity fases :open_mouth:

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I didn’t like that Deathtrap treated them like airborne enemies, even when they were poking up from the ground (so he wouldn’t use his special attacks on them), and I did need to figure out how to handle both UBA Pyre threshers (that healthgated you with their first surprise attack) and Wormhole Threshers, but once I got those figured out, I loved mobbing with them.

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Cliffs, explosive barrels, rabid stalkers/skags and anythin anointed

Bl2 - Rats (especially those dirty thieves), rabid stalkers, badass pyro threshers and witch doctors.

TPS - The flying heavies. (Mostly because of their voices)

Bl3 - The Annointed militant, the Prisma Rakks and tinks in general. Especially tinks. Too many of them around, they’re loud as hell, and every badass looks the same.

No mention of buzzards? I don’t believe you :rage:
Bl2 buzzards!!!
Bl3 anointed tink


BL2 - Rabid Stalkers
TPS -Rabid Stalkers
BL3- Those ****** Hounds, especially Hack Hounds, but especially HOUNDS, STOP THE HOUNDS… I’m Ok now.

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[Dredging memory fields…]

BL1 - Badass Bruisers with friggin’ Rocket launchers, especially when in close quarters (like Circles of Slaughter).

BL2 - Threshers, when they gang up on you, otherwise pretty much rabid anything.

TPS - Torks, I guess, though they are more annoying than hated. I am not sure I have any top-of-the-list ones for TPS.

BL3 - Aside form the main villains, I presume? I hate Tinks on general principle because a) GBX changed the name from Midget for PC purposes (which is absurd for a gaming franchise that made fun of everyone and everything up until then), b) they gave the midg-, sorry, “Tinks” voices, trying to make them sound all badass I guess, and c) they used what sounds like a Tink voice saying, “Geeeear Boooox” in some sort of pathetic attempt at sounding both tough and cutesy at the same time in place of the original guttural, primal, Psycho, in-your-face scream as the GBX logo announcement (and they even retconned the other games’ logo announcements as well). Sorry, rant over. I suppose for BL3, I really hate all of the Anointed enemies (especially the stupid badass tink version that shrinks and grows, etc.)


BL1: any enemy who’s using proximity mine grenades and they leave a couple on the ground that you don’t see until it’s too late and there’s absolutely nothing to second wind off of.

BL2: CRYSTAL SKELETONS AND SKELETON MAGES OMG. Actually all the skeletons just suck. The ones who have the pull the sword out of to kill, the archer ones that shoot arrows that slow you down, all of them. Hate them all lol.

BL3: anointed tinks can get rather annoying. The Rampager with his 10 minute immunity phases where he’s just yelling.


BL2: Rabid Stalkers, the skeletons which could only really be damaged through melee (Brittle Skeletons? Can’t remember)

BL3: nothing really comes to mind. I would say Anointed Militants if I didn’t know getting into melee range causes them to throw their shield at you and opening them to attack.

Reading the replies I forgot how many enemy types I hate. Hate so much I love it.