Most Healing at One Time?

What’s the highest you’ve seen from a single use of wellspring? I got 1355 on a kelvin. I was level 10 with a +heal power/+damage reduction purple mod and a +cooldown/+heal power purple mod. any tips on what gear to use to bump it up even more?

The highest I have done was 1496 haha just looked it up before replying with a epic sprint speed/heal power and a heal power/attack damage. The only way I believe you could get it much higher using 2 gear pieces and one shard generator would be if the player receiving the heal was wearing healing received gear and of course you use the extremophile augment.

I’m pretty sure mine was someone in the high 1400s or low 1500s but I’ll have to check this afternoon.

Well, my Stats screen says 1589. But that was in one of the earliest PvE missions with her, when I was both trying to get her ‘Time Blurs in the Depths’ Lore dona and experimenting with the ‘Extremophile’ Helix. Combined with very high Heal Power from gear.

TBH it is not really that useful to stack so much Healing Power. Most games I play end with 1035 Greatest Single Heal, as I only get 14.00% Heal Power from gear.