Most Interesting Gear

Obviously there are some sweet pieces of gear inside BL2. Twister, Lyuda, Pimpernel, and Black Hole, to name just a few. What are some pieces of gear you love using, and what are some that you love conceptually, but have never had a real use for?

I love my simple low-end corrosive spinguns. They chew up buzzards and badass varkids, loaders et. al. Since I tend not to use assault rifles too much, they are an ammo saver for me, keeping my smgs and pistols ready to go when I really need them. I find it interesting that such a lowly unassuming piece of gear can get so much use in a backpak full of legendaries. I think the spingun in question is blue, or maybe even green.

I know you named them in the first post but both the pimp and twister are those guns for me, its not necessarily the damage but the unique qualities they hold that make them interesting.

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Conceptually, the Storm and all of the bouncing bullet stuff. I looooove the Storm as an idea. Very cool.

Aaa and Thunderball Fists, which I use a LOT with Maya.

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the Kerblaster, recently. It can be quite effective at dealing with enemies behind cover. The occasion when the second grenade/projectile does damage to someone while reloading is always satisfying.

Pyrophobia- it is useless against armored or heavily shielded targets, but on fleshy targets, it’s godlike. A seriously underrated weapon.
Sawbar- same as the Pyrophobia as it only comes in fire.
Veruc- it is kind of a waste of ammo against smaller targets, but larger guys will fall to it. Also good with Singularity grenades.
Kerblaster- it has a bit of a learning curve (making sure you hit moving enemies with both the torpedo and the grenade), but once again, deals excellent damage. I also feel that a lot of people are turned off by it, because most other Torgue-barreled ARs are kind of crap.

The Slow Hand, It has a huge explosion radius and great damage. It’s basically a mini PBFG launcher that uses shotgun ammo and heals you.
I always wanted to use the Scorpio, it has a cool skin, interesting red text effect and Dahl ARs are satisfying to use, but it seems to underperform.

I love the idea behind Logan’s gun… shame that it sucks so badly

In the “at least a bit usable” category, the Octo is a pretty interesting concept. So is the Teets of terramorphous.

I wish the Teapot was a bit more different and not live as much in the shadow of the Hornet.

Conceptually I love revolvers like they were in BL1, where they were on par with sniper rifles in terms of damage but traded critical hit bonus for faster firerate, making them excellent mid range weapons. However in BL2 most snipers in terms of firerate are fast enough to rival revolvers, while revolvers themselves have gotten weaker. Final nails in coffin are existence of Vladof snipers and Critical Ascension skill on Zer0. The only advantage of revolvers I see is just having more and extra ammunititon in backpack. They technically aren’t even revolvers as gun type, so I guess another reasons why they’ve become underwhelming is because they’ve been mashed together with repeaters. But if I consider existence of red text guns then the argument just become more chaotic, as there are exceptions whose are many levels above in terms of firepower and hence cannot be properly compared.

But as for topic itself as idea in general… Damn… I HATE THAT IN BL2 CHARACTERS ARE TIED TO SPECIFIC GUN TYPES ONLY. I WANT TO HAVE FUN USING ALL GUNS. Not going to say sorry. Million guns but only select few whose are useable for a character. That’s what I could call as definition of term “underwheling”.

You need to keep in mind that BL 2’s original design was capped at level 50 and TVHM. All guns work just fine there. UVHM narrowed the choice of gear, but I’d say that you’ll get along fine with most guns even there. The OP-levels are a different story. They call for top gear. But playing OP is our own choice. It’s supposed to be challenging.

You can even use standard gear against some of the raid bosses. It just takes a lot longer. :smile:

I find Deliverance to be an absolutely hilarious gun, and I often use it for my amusement. It’s not particularly strong, but you can get some great dialogue when it goes after enemies. Priceless! In UVHM and OP it’s too weak, but it works well enough in NVHM and TVHM.

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I have never felt that limitation.
The only character with a real tie to a type of weapon is Zero with his sniper tree. All the other characters have a COM that boosts a specific weapon type and maybe a single skill tied to them, but it’s hardly a way to pigeonhole them. Maya’s cat COM is particularly good, but many of her best builds go completely without SMGs, and as it is, Maya is probably the character that can the most easily use any gun Type.

My favorite Sal builds is non-pistol, as well as my 2nd and 3rd favorites
My favorite Maya build is non SMG and she’s almost as good a sniper as Zero is (some would say even better)
I play Zero without any of his sniping COMs or skills, and my main guns are not Snipers or pistols.
MOST Krieg builds are not using ARs or Shotguns
Axton plays well with ARs, but it’s hardly because of the skill, rather because Torgue makes great ones.
Gaige players do use ARs, but not the AR COM, so the gun is there on it’s own merits.

I’m not replying to tell you that you’re wrong, but rather to urge you to consider using any gun on any character. Your fun with the game can only be improved :slight_smile:


To add to what Chuck said, Here is a playlist of me playing maya with all kinds of guns. No gun type is weak on her

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Wait, the Deliverance actually invokes unique dialogue from enemies?

I seem to remember Goliaths saying things you don’t normally hear.

Fastballs Fastballs Fastballs. Most fun weapon. Fastballs 4 Lyfe.

Pieces of gear I find fascinating:
The Black Hole, I think that is an incredible idea, but probably should have been put on a Roid shield so it would have an actual use.
The Evil Smasher is a cool idea, if only its standard stats were usable and it was a weapon class I like
The creators had some brilliant ideas for gear, I’ll give 'em that.