Most Legendaries are WEAK!

So I’v been playing BL3 since launch and have been enjoying it for the most part. There is a lot of stuff I really enjoy in it. I’ve got 2 maxed out characters, I play in Mayhem 10 and have tried the plentiful amount of legendaries you can encounter throughout the game. All I gotta say is…THEY ARE ALL SO USELESS. Ever since the addition of the OPQ, that has been my go to gun and from what I’ve seen, almost everyone’s go to gun. It deals with Mayhem 10 no problem at a comfortable rate. But every single other legendary gun I have encountered doesn’t even come close to compare to the OPQ and its dps. Everything else I’ve used deals only a sliver of damage and are just no good.

I’m just curious about everyone else’s take on this and if you are having more or less the same experience, where you’re only playing with 1, maaaaybe 2 guns, at all times. It just get’s really boring using only 1 good gun and it’s sad that all the cool effects and mechanics of other legendaires just go unused due to their very poor dps in Mayhem 10. I don’t feel the OPQ is too powerful but that every other legendary is too weak and desperately needs a buff.

Let me know if any of you are thinking the same thing.


I think a lot of people feel this way. Ever since the introduction of Mayhem 2.0, a few months ago now, the scaling of various aspects of the game has been in a rough spot. They have taken some huge steps forwards, for which we are all grateful, but there are so many weapons, skills, offensive shields (meaning nova, spikes, anything which deals a set amount of damage) which still need looking at. What concerns me is that a few well-known streamers are now saying the game is in a good place as if they don’t recognise how much further we need to go. Gearbox has their hands full.



If you say the OPQ is a good gun, it will most likely get nerfed like every other good gun did.

Gotta use the jedi mind tricks on GB … say something like. “Gee the guns in this game are all so good, they should all be included in the newest DLC”

Or kidnap a BL3 youtuber or two and threaten them with an eridian shard until they admit every non new dlc weapon needs a buff. GB seems to think those couple of players opinions are more valuable than … pretty much the entire play base.


My solution? I play in Mayhem 1 with the lootsplosion modifier. All gear is viable there.

I don’t care that I can’t use a couple popular meta guns because I can use just about anything else instead and I’m not stuck to a couple meta builds.

Mayhem 1 too easy? Nah. Mayhem 10 really isn’t that hard, it’s just modifier RNG craziness that makes it chaotic (and have fun rolling modifiers for 20 minutes to find the combo you want). And by gun-toting enemies that deal way more damage than they should because of the game’s weapon generator mistakenly giving their guns a mayhem level part.

A skag giving you a little love nip deals the same damage in M10 as M1 while a trash mob bandit with a generated gun will smash you when he lands a shot. That inconsistency drives me nuts.

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Well, that’s just restating the Sturgeon’s Law: “90% of everything is crap!”

The moment you have 300+ of anything - most of it will be weak. And if they all are great - then you really have the same gun with different skins, so you only have one legendary gun, not 300.

Sorry, went a bit philosophical here…


The game straight up tells you not to align rarity with damage output (it’s in one of the opening quotes from BL2 anyway). Red text means there’s some quirk about the weapon… maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s just got a cool skin, maybe it’s some feature that changes the behavior, and sometimes this is bad, where sometimes it’s great.

Now that said, in BL3, there’s one red-texted White weapon, one Green, a number of Blue and Purple, but every Orange is red-texted. This just means that every orange weapon has a sort of second dice roll whether or not the red text gimmick will translate into higher damage. Arguably, because every Orange piece of gear has a gimmick on it, the whole range of Purple gear will throw more damage overall.

Yeah, that’s crazy talk to me. If the gear has red text, for better or worse, I use it. Every single one, from BL2 to TPS to BL3 (though I’m short a Web Slinger and a Brightside).

Each of these franchises has their own take on difficulty adjustments, which I use to make weak weapons work. In BL2, the OP system (and eventually the UCP) let me buff/nerf weapons to make them work at a single difficulty level that was perfect to me. TPS seemed to be balanced enough as is. BL3 seems to be trying different difficulty alterations, and I just work around them as they come and go. I specifically build my gameplay routines around using every red-texted thing in the games.

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Yeah i have seen that video aswell i laughed at that so hard ofcourse he thinks the game is in a good place i would to if i played on pc and had god rolled everything but im a console player and i can tell you right now this is not what the true fanbase thinks this game still has alot of problems that need fixing gun balancing is still terrible loading in the anvil is huge problem on console drop rates for certain weapons and items is a pain farming loading times are a huge problem give these streamers a console version only and see if they say this after watching loading screens all day lol.

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Majority of guns are completely useless in Mayhem 10. Ammo is also a huge issue in Mayhem 10 takedowns.


Yes. This is one of the biggest problems with BL3. Legendaries aren’t really legendary. They’re orange. They aren’t rare, and they aren’t legendary. 90% of them should be blue, or purple. Some should even be green.

I use Pew Pew and Lob mostly. I use to use Recursion until they nerfed it. I haven’t been playing since. Probably won’t play again. Having too much fun with Bl2 and TPS. In those games it’s rare to find a legendary. And when you do, it works great. Works at least 5 to 8 levels above it’s own.


Here’s an example of some current M10s that are really bad:
-M10, Stark ION LASER, SMG, Damage: 1372, Fire Rate: 3.15/s
-M10Resolute Lyuda Sniper with 5929 damage.
-M10 Venomous Ripper SMG,Damage 1368
-Also the Woodblocker,

These guns do absolutely no damage but even the good guns do no damage, unless your clone is using it. Like the Krakatoa.

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Just got this. Granted it’s Level 58, but that is probably the lowest damage I have seen on one of these

You dont have all the hotfixes loaded. Are you playing offline? Or did you load in too fast?

The genesis of this problem are anointments. Around former mayhem 3-4 terribly op builds formulated around crazy unintended interactions became the meta. The game turned into a cheesy experience. I stead of tackling this issue right away, gearbox thought they’d fix it releasing M2.0, with increased enemies health. By that time, almost all of the guns became a practical joke. Then another issue became apparent, which is powercreep. Mayhem 2.0 was supposed to be a gradually increasing escalation. But they released it along the cartel event, so you could opq and yellowcake your way into mayhem 10 in a few hours. Then farm the reflux (bye brainstormer), the monarch (bye dictator), the kaoson (bye nighthawking, emp5, etc), backburner and plague bearer, etc.

So many mistakes that could have been avoided early on by admitting anoinments are a bad and/or bad implemented idea.

I won’t get tired repeating this.


The basic Cattlemans revolver you get in chapter 1 of Red Dead Redemption 2 is better than any max level legendary pistol in BL3. Thats just sad.

I find it hard to believe that BL3 as a looter shooter has barely any loot worth playing for.

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What’s the red text green item? I remember the white 100% Fakobs but can’t remember the green red text item.

Big Succ? It’s definitely green.

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The thing to remember, is that gearbox has always stated that each rarity level is equivalent to +2 levels. So, a level 10 purple should be equally powerful as a level 12 blue and a level 14 green and a level 16 white. In previous games, this usually held up for oranges, too, meaning that a level 10 purple was as good as a level 8 legendary. (It’s not perfect, because the red text gimmick had a big effect on how powerful items were and how you used them, but generally, it worked.) That’s why they seem to hold their worth for so long - you can use a level 8 legendary up to level 14 and it’s still better than the whites and greens you find (and in previous games, those were what you were finding most of the time).
In B3, legendaries are too common, because of the over-reliance on anointments, meaning that you’ll often find new legendaries long before you outlevel the ones you have, when leveling up characters. This means, there’s rarely any need to use any other rarity.
The other problem B3 has, is that the legendary tier no longer holds to this idea of being 2 levels better than purples. The best purples are far better than the worst oranges, and the best oranges are maybe 10 levels better than other oranges. Consider the OPQ and the Carrier, or the NoPewPew and the Pain is Power. Or the Dictator and the Monarch.
B3 needs a higher loot tier, like previous games had, where the best oranges can be, so you know they’re a higher tier and the fact that they’re several levels more powerful makes sense. Or they need to be balanced in line with the rest of the oranges, so all the items in one loot tier feel equally powerful.

I think GBX knows exactly what they are doing. All the “big” streamer names work for them! When many of the big-name streamers of a “major AAA game” like BL3 literally are paid by GBX to play the game, what big public voices are left to criticize the game honestly?

This practice raises a lot of questions for me, namely:

  1. Why does a dev need to pay streamers to play its game? If it’s to get more people playing via spheres of influence, that seems shady to me. If it’s to control the narrative about the game, that seems even shadier.

  2. How much sway does GBX hold over what the streamers say about the game? It’s not my business what this relationship between two strangers (to me) is comprised of, but it does affect me to the extent of knowing how much credence to lend to the streamer’s comments about BL3.

  3. Why would a developer think that putting streamers, who are the people (streamers) who should be the most forthright critics of the developer’s work, on the developer’s payroll would result in a good outcome for the developer and/or NOT look shady?

Sorry I know this post was slightly OT, but this is a big pet peeve of mine. And something that I don’t see anyone talking about nearly enough for how significant of an issue I believe it to be.


Mmm, I just leveled up this character, so maybe

I’ll get a picture of my level 60 m10 later. But I’m almost certain it was at 40k base and 30k elemental.
M10 should also all be annoited gear.