(Most) Legendary gear pices that are known

I am mostly making this for a complication of all known legendary gear pieces that are know so please do every one a favor and list the gear and what special about its and where u got it (boss gear pack etc)
and ill start with the first one Geoff/archniess boss: effect shields cant recharge for 8 sec came with shield pen and skill dmg and please. So let the commenting begin

It seems a lot boss legendary drop from first and second mission mainly ISIC, henchman, geoff, warlord nix, saboutor and rendian has two legendary that can drop but there not worth the time in my opinion. A boss that drops legendary gear is the sentinel which DEFINITELY WORTH DOING FOR THEM the best one tho is a legendary that can slow every 10 sec and comes with reload and attack speed too

I am hoping at some point later down the games life time so body makes a list of all boss legendary the mission i know of are episode 1,2,5,7,8


What about character specific lehendaries? Interested in those too?


Caldarius: +Attack Speed, +Skill Damage, *Aerial Assault heals 50% of damage dealt
Deande: +Attack Speed, -Cooldown Time, *Activating Holotwin begins recharging shield
Ambra: +Skill Damage, +Heal Power, *Staff of Radiance constantly regenerates its own heat

Will be getting Ghalts soon.

Edit: FYI all character legendaries can be gotten by completing the lore challenges

Ghalts is skill dmg and cool-down reduction special effect if u hook some one into a srcap trap they take 50% more dmg from the scrap trap hope it helps

That sounds pretty good. Thanks. Just unlocked ghalt last night and man is he a beast.

Pictures of all the character-specific legendaries:

Will post some of the ones I got once I’m done procrastinating my day away.

ikr the shotty is da best

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4d232o/i_decided_to_start_keeping_a_running_compendium/ (Leads to the next link)


That’s all we got currently. But it’s a lot. They have all 4 piece of Legendary gear I’ve got from packs in the reddit post.

thank you the contribution :smiley:


Anytime, bud. Good luck getting some of these guys =)

It’s worth mentioning that the values of the first two stats for the Hero specific legendarily on the previously linked site are random. I rather don’t like that myself. You go through all of the trouble to complete the character lore and you can end up with a worse item than someone else. I don’t mind the RNG for opening packs or finding items from missions and whatnot, but all of the items for the lore are already set, why not make all the stats the same? Maybe I’m just salty because the ones I have unlocked are drastically lower than what are listed on this site =(

Oscar Mike’s Lore Gear:

  1. Cooldown reduction
  2. Reload Speed
  3. Mike only: +15% movement speed when stealth is on cooldown.

Shield Web Interdictor (get it from Geoff):

  1. Skill Damage
  2. Shield Pen
  3. Skill hits prevent enemy shields from recharging for 8 seconds.

Oath of the Sustained: (don’t remember, I think it was the saboteur)

  1. health regen
  2. healing recieved
  3. Some % < 10 of damage dealt is returned as healing to allies.

Time Killer: (once again don’t remember)
Cooldown reduction

  • shield recharge delay (beneficial)
  • higher shield recharge delay reduction when all skills on cooldown

Emergency Auto Medic:

  1. health regen
    • cc duration
  2. gain more health regen when suffering cc effects (doubles regen)

Generous refund policy:

  1. Shards per second
  2. reduced buildable cost
  3. when destroyed, buildables return 25% of their cost to you

Pain 2 Gain Re knitter:

  1. +205 health
    • shield capacity
  2. health damage adds X max health for up to 100 stacks. Resets on death.

Bunker Buster:

  1. Shield pen
  2. less recoil
  3. Bonus damage to shields based on your overall shield pen total

probably a stupid question. i had 3 isic legendaries (the 1.51C update legendary), so i tought character legendaries were common, so i sold most of them (honestly a 5% to damage didn’t sound so epic if i make 60, that’d be 63 totes?)

anyway, now that im seeing you unlock them with the lore challenges, can you get them again?

because, i. stupid. sold them.

i mean, do they drop again?

that’d b nice that once you “unlock” the legenday it’s added to the gear pool for RNG.

that, or a prestige option like on battleborn tap :v so you can do it again. okno. actually yes.

Did you sell the Specific Legendary you get for completing said Lore Challenges? You were lucky, no doubt, but the 1.51C Legendary you speak of is obtained through the story, not Lore Challenges. However, I would only sell duplicate Legendaries from here on out :wink:

srry to hear that maybe they should make a pack the comes with gear that is great for that charater and the legendary has a chance of dropping in the pack with better stats or reset one of your challenges so that it will take long to do but better stats

i have several lore challenges completed, but seeing i had three 1.51C i tought they were common. cant even remember which ones, i have zero character specific legendaries. of course i’ve played 5 levels with isic and now i know that legendary is not his (specific legendary), but i have all galilea lore challenges except fot he ambra one, i have all orendi’s lore challnges and im one air kill to get all thorn lore challenges. so yeah. sold them :frowning:

Q_Q that sucks espalliy since u cant get them again:cry:

whoopsies. and i got like enough money from them to buy an eldrid pack with a Green armor nd a Green arrow.

if only i had been a “green arrow comic nerd” kind of fan…